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Palmer skis?

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I understand there is a new line coming out from Palmer, Just interested to know what anyone else knows.
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Yes. Not as interesting as the Mervin Manufacturing NAS's.
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so that's a "I am not going to tell you" or "i don't know" or "I felt like being difficult today"??
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Two models- "white" and "black." White is an allmountain twin and black is a carver.
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thank you!
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I just met an expert woman skiing on a pair of Palmer carving skis today at Killington (April 11 2007). She said she Loved them. Interesting profile...very, very flat shovel, thin vertical thickness, very curvy sidecut...she ripped on them. I want to try a pair.!
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Finndog, I actually misread your post. i thought it said "...just wanted to know if anyone else knows", the special technology they are using is an elongated tip that makes the ski stable when flat but when put on edge the contact point moves back to quicken the ski. basically the widest point of the shovel is behind the contact point of the skis camber. feels longer when flat, feels shorter while turning.
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