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All done !

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After many years I have decided to hang it up and just have some fun this year. Not that it wasn't fun before, but i'll be able to relax more and just kick around with my friends and be able to have a cocktail for lunch or just leave when I want.

I've been pondering the decision for a few years and weighing the pros and cons. I'm going to miss the comraderie and the free passes for my family, and the good feeling one gets helping people, but mostly the decission has become easier because of all the political crap and policy changes over the past few years, and the leaving of some old friends. Combined with the fact that i'll probably ski more days in Colorado than around here, that's a good thing. And the fact that I just need to take a year to reflect on what I want to do. I have been thinking about becoming an instructor but I don't know about that either.

So, I feel a little sad, but also know that change is good. I will make the most of it.
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Way to go! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Savor the chance to ponder the next step and make life's choices accordingly. Until someone proves otherwise, I hold true to the concept that we get but one chance to live life to its fullest. Go for it, and good luck!
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Good for you Lars, I am terribly envious! Drop me a PM when you are out this way.
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Originally posted by Lars:
After many years I have decided to hang it up and just have some fun this year. Not that it wasn't fun before...
Hey, congratulations! I think,

but just what is the it that you are hanging up?? Are you going to make us all guess? :

I think I know, based on your profile, but many reading this are going to wonder what you're talking about.
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Lars is (was) a patroller.
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It wasn't obvious to me either.

But good luck dude, enjoy!
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Rather than "give it up", still stay involved.

Become either a "life member" or alumni. Life member lets you stay registered and you can still take clinics. Alumni patrollers have discount days during the year.

Also staying involved keeps the door open.
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Good on ya, Lars! Have FUN .

Isn't that what it's all about? :
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Lars, You might enjoy it more than you think. Have fun!
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Lars - Good for you. Too many people wait way too long to stop and smell the roses.

I've never skied in your neck of the woods, but I'll bet you're a hell of a patroller. Thanks for your years of service.
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In my other reply I forgot to say: Good for you! I hope you have a blast just skiing. I've been seriously considering doing the same thing. I could get in a lot of skiing between 8:30 and noon, then be home by 2:00. As it is, I get home around 11:00pm. I like the teaching part a lot, but my two best friends won't be back this season and the politics are almost too much to take. So I'll probably feel like a loaner on the hill, even though there since before they officially opened 12 years ago.
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Thanks ya'll, I really think it's going to be nice just to ski for fun and hey, if the weather sucks I can just pack it in instead of gritting it out for 8 hours. :
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I did that a couple years ago when the small area I was at folded. I had options and could have gone to several different places, but decided to hang it up. The NSP surely isn't what the founding fathers had in mind on that cold March Day on the Nose Dive Trail at Mt. Mansfield (Stowe), VT. It has become too political now.

I have been doing research on one of it's founders...not because of the NSP as much as the fact that I knew this great man. He has not been given a lot of credit for his role in the founding, but if the then Chairman of the National Ski Association did not suggest to C. "Minnie" Dole that he head up a National committee for the founding of the National Ski Patrol, then there probably would not be one.

This man, Roger F. Langley, was also my elementary school principal, a friend's grandfather and an important community leader in my town. I have an original copy of the first Annual Report of the National Ski Patrol 1939-1940, which I have scanned and put on my website. NSP Annual Report 1939-1940 I have also written a little blurb, using information I got through my research on Roger Langley, about the founding of the National Ski Patrol, it is also on my site. The Founding of the National Ski Patrol

Enjoy your freedom to ski when and where you wish.

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Hi Lars, when I retired from active teaching after 25 years of it, that was in 1986, I really was afraid of missing the comeraderie but it didn't turn out that way.

When we go skiing to Boston Mills we usually sit and eat with instructors at the table, not because we sit with them but they invariably come over to chat. we also party with and we are always invited to any event the ski school has, though we often don't go.

It's the same with retired patrollers, they are invited to keep their equipment in the patrol shack and also party with them off-mountain, and patrollers sure know how to party [img]smile.gif[/img]

Unless you choose not to ski at Holiday Valley anymore, you'll be still one of them, retired or not. I don't know if you have the retirement benefit we have, that is free skiing for life at your area for retired instructors and patrollers in thanks for your service, but if your family has to pay from now on that hurts financially. We are lucky since Ann is also a certified instructor with 25 years service.

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