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PM Bro vs Gotama

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Anyone know how the Bro in a soft 179 and the Gotama in a 183 compare?
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Fairly similar personality. I skied a Bro early in the year in less than optimal conditions. Although the ski was haggard and the mount position took getting used to, I really liked the shape and flex. I think that tuned and mounted about 2-3cm back from where I tested it, it might have been stellar. My overall take is that it's an even flex with good feel for a finesse skier.

I not really all that much of a finesse guy, I'm just old and it turns out to be more or less the same thing...........

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Thanks for the reply Jim. Although I know what I'm getting with the Gotoma, I think its kind of cool that the guys at PM are trying to make a go at the ski business. Trying the dream, so it would be nice to support them if the ski fits!
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one thing about the bros, especially the 179 softs, is that they have a pretty awesome resale value
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I hope they make it work too. Without a distribution network of any kind it will be a tougher go for anything resembling the long term. Nevertheless, it has been done before and it can work. I wish them the best.

The soft fits a recurring formula that always seems to feel good to me. Ie: A relatively straight shape and a "medium" flex. Although different in detail, the Soft has a roughly similar personality to say a Legend 8800 (another ski that I like a lot).

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The shape, flex and light weight on the Bro is much closer to a Sugar Daddy than a Gotama. I think it is better for crud busting and stable at speed. The Gotama is a bit wider and more shapely ski that prefers to be on its edge, and makes really nice rounded turns because the tail stays more engaged. Very few complaints on the Bros and Pat works hard for customer satisfaction. As Jim mentioned, its all direct sales so you don't have a dealer or distributor to work through.
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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post
Although the ski was haggard ...
heh...sorry about that. I'm pretty tough on my personal skis.

speaking of which, I might be popping into your shop this week. I blew up both heel pieces on a pair of Z12's and need to get some skis remounted. If I see ya I'll be sure to say hello!
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got is a bit fatter, more of a twin, and a bit softer.

PM is more durable, supporting the little guy, and pick your own flex.
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Lottsa "little guys" popping out of Tahoe/Reno these days, too...of course PM, but also:

Moment: http://momentskis.com/

Praxis: http://www.praxisskis.com/snow/

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