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Sugarloaf/Sunday River 3/31-4/1 Trip Report

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Skied Sunday River Sat. 3/31 and Sugarloaf Sund. 4/1. Weather both days was in the 40's and sunny. Not warm enough.

Short summary. Skis were filed and sharp Friday night, edges felt as rough and burred up as I've ever felt a pair of skis in one day on Saturday night. Diamond stoned Sat. night in the motel and Sunday night they again were pretty darned burred up.

Reason for edge burring - ice. Lots of it. New England skiing at it's worst, well maybe that's an exaggeration.

Sunday River kind of sucked. First of all it's Parrot Head day so it's very busy, then you're trying to avoid ALL these people on these narrow and extremely icy traverses to get to trails that then are either closed, or just - well I think I said it already. Icy.

Sugarloaf on Sunday was better, but still lots of VERY icy trails. Gondola Line (the double black down the face) never softened up and although the 19 year old just blew his way comfortably down the side of the trail, his mother and I made controlled, across the fall line turns - but any forward motion was matched with an equal amount of sideways skidding. We actually had no problem skiing it, but it was not enjoyable.

Some of the trails softened a little, the bottom of the mountain was very soft spring conditions, but the upper mountain cried for warmer weather.

Looks like Spring skiing is delayed until next weekend. Possibly some snow coming up there this week.
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SkiMango......Don't know how I missed your post here back on 4.1.07, but I feel I must respond to the poor review of Sugarloaf.

From Valentines day through closing, which was 4.29.07 (i think) Sugarloaf skied the way any skier could DREAM. Just an absolutly perfect winter in to spring. I am seriously sitting here shaking my head wondering where you found the VERY icey conditions?? There was NO ice from February 14th to closing. As a matter of fact the snow that fell on the mountain was some of the coldest, driest snow I have ever experienced here in New England. Incredible conditions.

I really have to question your post, yet I see that you have 2,000+ posts?? Something isn't adding up here??

The good news is you won't be back, right??
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sheesh, good thing I keep a log, because your memory is wrong.

I'll be back, when the conditions are good. They weren't that day. But I guess maybe I was just imagining it, because according to you it was just awesome soft snow.

Ever enter your mind that that weekend might have been icy and your rose colored glasses don't remember it? Or perhaps you were skiing in the woods - we weren't. And my companion that day has been skiing since she was 3, was she imagining all the ice too?
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Okay, you guys have got me thinking, so I checked my diary. 3/31-4/1 I was at Sugarbush. Skiing had been very good through Feb/March just about everywhere, but at that time it looked like the season was winding down. Still good cover, but we were going through the typical spring freeze/thaw cycle, and cover was getting thin in some places. Saturday morning it was fairly cold, conditions were firm frozen granular, the kind that makes you curl your toes in your boots just to try and hang on. Trails in the sun softens up somewhat, trails in the shade stayed firm all day. Sunday morning was about 10 degrees warmer than Saturday, and as the day wore on, everything softened up, the trails in the sun turned to mush very quickly. Rode up the chair with one of the locals, said he figured that this weekend was going to be it, as he had heard rain was moving in for next week.
Well, the rain that was supposed to be moving in turned out to be snow, that's when a series of storms started rolling in one after the other and our bonus season as I refer to it began. Skied at Sunday River 4/7-4/8, entered into my log that the conditions were the best of the year, lots of powder and packed powder. 4/14-4/15 head to the Loaf for Reggae Weekend. Don't care so much for Reggae, but had never in my memory seen that much snow at the Loaf at any time of the season, the conditions were just ridiculous. 4/28 went back to Sugarloaf for the closing weekend. Still tons of snow, base dephts were still better than most places have in the middle of the season, they probably could have stayed open for a long time if they wanted to. Drove down to Sunday River on Sunday, but their base was very thin in places.
So there you have it from the horse's mouth. Of course, I have sometimes been refered to as another part of the horse's anatomy, so take it FWIW.
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ice & spring 30's, 40's sunny (from my log)
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I was at Kton for bumpfest on 4/1. There were spots on the mountain that were spring soft, Bear Mtn, in the sun. There were spots that were race course ice, Superstar, in the shade. Knowing what I know of SMJ, I will defer to his analysis.
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Thanks Phil. Funny that we're arguing conditions from 3 months ago.
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SkiMango........O.K., I'll cave in. I didn't ski that weekend so I cannot argue with your trip report.

I personally did not see any ice on the mountain from 2.14.07 on through closing and I skied roughly 8 days in that period. It's really a shame that you hit it on the wrong day as we did have a season that even the Westerners would be thrilled with. No B.S.!!

So do come back. And may the snow Gods be on your side next trip!!
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I will agree w/ Sugaree that from 2/14 through the end of the season, we had soem of the best skiing in the east...ever that I can recall.
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Thanks Sugaree. My step-son goes to college near there, and told me about how great it was - so I know it was a great season, we did get unlucky that weekend.

We love the 'loaf.
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New owners at the 'loaf. I'm excited about that.

Sugarloaf has never been owned by an outfit like Boyne. From what I have read and heard Boyne will take the mountain to the next level, possibly cutting new trails along with lift improvements. Sounds good to me!!

I have heard that they really know how to make snow. Sure, we love natural, but snowmaking will always be important here in the Northeast.
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Lets hope that they do well up there. The new owners at Killington are not off to a very good start.
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Mac.....I enjoyed reading your first post here.......the second post was a downer!!

Who is it that owns Killington?? It sold a year or 2 ago, right?? Any specifics as to what the problems are??

Boyne has a great mountain to work with at Sugarloaf. Let's hope they get it right!!
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...there was just one weekend that whole season...

It warmed up on a Friday...then, as usual, the mornings were a mixture of snow here & there, a little ice, & vast amounts of concrete on the upper 1/2 ....for ~2 days;-) I think it WAS around the timeline you're talkin...
Late March can be a little dicey in NewEngland....the thaw/freeze-thing happens on occasion.
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Most of the stuff about the goings on at Killington that I was refering to are covered in various previous posts on the forum here, from the way that they dealt with the lifetime season pass holders, to the massive layoff of local employees, to the part time operating status of Pico, etc., none of which has endeared them to the locals. I was also told by one of the business owners on the access road that that they had not received any assurances that their season passes were going to be honored by the new ownership either. Not exactly what I call getting off on the right foot.
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Mac......I hear ya. Doesn't that suck!!

There's 2 ways a transaction of this magnitude this can go, Good or Bad.

People here in the Northeast are wondering about Season Passes?? It's the Million dollar question??

I just hope they take care of the mountain. At a reasonable rate!! Boyne could make us very happy or Boyne could make us very sad??
We''ll soon see.
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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post
I just hope they take care of the mountain. At a reasonable rate!! Boyne could make us very happy or Boyne could make us very sad??
We''ll soon see.
Historically, Boyne has been a company formed by skiers to service skiers (while making a buck doing so). There's always something you can find to carp about at any ski area, but, generally, Boyne has only improved the operation wherever they've added a property.
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