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Rossi Bandit B-Squads

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I was hoping to get your feedback if you own them or have demoed them..Thanks
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189 Squad. Fantastic ski. Absolutely great in crud and cut-up conditions. Very good as an all-mountain ski by strong agressive skier.
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Thanks, The wife and I just came back from Whistler last week. I hoped to demo them there but never got around to it..Lots of guys on them out there though..Seem perfect for the crud ect. thinking the 183's ..I guess the 189 and 194 are super stiff and very different to the 183 size and below..with my ski style it seems like the bandit would be choice for me..difficult making a decision around sizing ect..I'm 200lbs 6'2" and will see more crud and cut-up then powder plus I enjoy skiing aggressively
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6'2" 200lbs, aggressive skier...look at the 189cm.
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TGR consensus is that they are great for crud, chopped up powder, and as an all-around charging ski. However, not a powder ski. The tip is too stiff.
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