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My wife and I have been skiing Whistler/Blackcomb for much of the year (about 10 days), and had not caught a day of blue sky, until today.

As I stood in the upper alpine of Blackcomb, looking over the soaring, majestic peaks to the west (I've seen nothing like them in Colorado or Utah), in perfect sun, hero snow and blue skies, I remember why WB is my enduring memory of a perfect day skiing.

In spite of its many gray days, and sometimes tough weather, when the sun does bless WB, it's like nothing else I've beheld. Glorious.

The snow was perfect; spring hard-pack, corn or slop (depending on your altitude and time of day), the runs uncrowded, and the skiing sublime.

Quaff a Guinness or two at the Irish Pub at the base, and you've topped off a memorable day.

I love deep powder - my favorite. But, a sunny spring day at Whistler/Blackcomb is a decent runner-up.