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switzerland question

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I will be backpacking from Prague to London in June and plan to spend a few days in Switzerland.

Can anyone recommend a nice town (near rail station) around the Matterhorn area?

We were thinking Interlaken would be nice but open for suggestions.


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was in Interlaken in March. Nice town, a little touristy, I am sure you can find backpacker rooms to stay. but from Interlaken to Matterhorn takes about 2 hours.
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Interlaken is quite nice but has nothing to do with the Matterhorn. It is in view if the Eiger and Jungfrau.

I would go to Interlaken, visit Kleine Scheidegg to gawk at the Eiger, visit Lauterbrunnen, (the Swiss Yosemite, and one of the most beautiful spots on earth), then take the ferry boat to Thun.
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Visp is the last town on main train line before turning off to Zermatt. The view of the Matterhorn from the streets of Zermatt is still burned in my memory after 20 yrs. Saw the Jungfrau region and stayed in Interlaken on same trip. The Eiger ain't too shabby either! It's been a long time, but back then a Eurail Pass also covered the Lake Thun ferry. You can ski glaciers beside the Matterhorn in summer.
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Just got back from Zermatt , what an incredible place . huge area with varied terrain , however mostly intermediate runs . Epic sight seeing and slamming nightlife .The best skiing is up the Gornergrot and back off the Stockhorn (free ski area). Get the international lift ticket for an extra 4 bucks and ski the italian side a few times .Its a screaming 7 mile run down from the Klien Matterhorn .
Stop by the Hennu Stall bar on the way back down off the hill , its right below the Furi tram station . Dance all night at the Schnee Witchen club if you like techno or the Broken Bar for hip hop and pop .
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