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mens moguls

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Janne Lahtela rules! he is king of the moguls. it was quite good race for finland, four finnish guys in best 10.

only thing sucked big time was Mayers 2nd place, he did not deserve it. yep, he was fast, but not really good control and only triple twister at second jump. there was many skier who had much better run. same thing in yesterdays halfpipe. american and canadian judges... :
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What goes around comes around. Canada got robbed yesterday by Euro judges. All's fair in love and war (and international sports).
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just wait when ice hockey starts. americans have canadian judge(what is correct word in english, refferee?) and canadians have american judge...
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As long as it is not a European Ref, they have to remind them that checking is legal in North America.
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Terve Ville [img]smile.gif[/img] Janne rules and so do Finns in general including me :

Our Finns today could have done a lot better and I agree with Ville that Mayers didnt belong that high up in the ranks. Shure the judges were unfair but what do you expect? A sport like this and a croud like that and a country like the US.... However, since they let the best man winn today, Janne, I will leave it at that. And, yesterdays halfpipe judging was a joke. But on the other hand, so is snowboarding :

BTW,they have pritty long skis those guys! And they are non shaped. Watching them ski thou explains it all, since they skid sideways and obsorb bumps flexing with their kenees there is no need for any edging and stearing.

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mosely's "dinner roll" was way better than lathela's "quad twist" in the so called "free style". the only thing the finn had going for him is speed to which travis matched. the last I checked the finns are still looking up at the Americans in the metal counts.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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"the last I checked the finns are still looking up at the Americans in the metal counts.." ...thanks for american judges in halfpipe and moguls.
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Remember also that Finland has about 6 million people (Ville, is that right?) and the U.S. around 250-300 million. If you go by population, countries like Finland Norway, Austria, Germany and others are kicking ass!

Oh well, at least Canada is favorites in Hockey and Curling (which isn't really a sport), but if Canada's hockey team chokes again then I think Finland, Russia or Sweden will most likely win it.

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T Mayer is kind of Western New York. His run was fast as hell and he is the man. Moseley deserved better then 4th but what are you gonna do.
T Mayer in 2006 all the way..........
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Janne Lahtela deserved the gold and I am happy for him and for Finland. It is unfortunate that understandable nationalistic sentiments sometimes extend so far as to corrupt the judging process. It is so unfair to the athletes and ultimatly to the Games themselves. I think Mosely deserved better than 4th but by his own admisssion he did not ski the course as fast as he might have.

Since subjectivity exists in scoring certain sports there is always the possibility that unconcious or deliberate bias will occur. The pomulgation of clearer scoring standards can mitigate this problem but the integrity and competency of judges must also be addressed to realize substancial improvement.
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Fin mogul skiers suck! Not really, but they sure do play it safe in comps. They only do what they know the judges want. They take the free right out of freestyle. Janne can throw way cooler tricks then the tired twistie/spread crap he did for gold. Heck, every ten year old at Mammoth can throw better air then that. Too bad it is more important for these jerks to get a medal than it is to actually advance the sport. It's no wonder you will never see a Finnish bump skier with his own video game, or freeride contest. Moseley should be worshipped for consistantly taking bumps, and sking in general to new places. His 360 mute at Nagano and dinner 7 prove how important it is for him to keep skiing fresh. Only Glen Plake has worked so hard to keep the cool in skiing. Janne and Sami should get on their knees and thank him for doing what they are to chicken to do themselves.
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Finns and others, please don't listen to spinheli. What you probably don't know is that although Mammoth is an awesome mountain, its moguls and its skiers in general suck. Yes there are some good skiers, but nothing compared to any other major league western mountain.

If you want to see good mogul skiers go to West Face at Squaw or Peruvian at Snowbird. I ski and snowboard at Mammoth, by the way.
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ShiftyRider, I hope you are joking. Mammoth locals are as good as any and better than most.
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I always thought it was concensus that Mammoth doesn't have any good mogul runs.

As for mogul skiers, hmmm, maybe you're like most Tahoe locals -- do you generally come down here in the springtime? In late season you will find a ton of great skiers cuz Mammoth has better late season conditions than anywhere else in the world.
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After last nights grooming, it is true Mammoth has no mogul runs. Well that is not completely true. There are a few short bump areas left on Chair 3, and parts of Lincoln and the Top, but they did groom the life out of most of the hill. Those jerks even groomed West Bowl. Oh well.
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They Groomed a Bowl?????? They don't even do that at Deer Valley.
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