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Just got back from a few days in Steamboat. What a difference a few days can make.

Got out early Tuesday morning. Conditions were quite firm. Steeper runs with exposure and lower elevations had a lot of dirt and rocks showing. (On the second run down, I managed to find a chunk of ice the size of my beagle mutt and was left with a very sore knee that kept my days shorter and my runs less challenging the rest of the week.) Within an hour or so, everything softened up appropriately. I stuck to the groomers and found nice skiing everywhere I went. By quitting time, we downloaded the gondola to avoid the lower mountain slush.

The Wednesday morning snow report contained none of the forecasted snow but that quickly changed. The snow started falling just before the lifts started turning and I would guess that the snow was falling at close to an inch an hour by the time we got to skiing.

Everything Wednesday depended on altitude and exposure. By the time I made it to the top of Storm Peak, there was 4 - 5 inches of nice new snow. The powder was surprisingly nice. Visibility was a bit flat and I wish I had felt good enough to poke around in the trees a bit. At mid mountain, the north facing runs near Thunderhead and BC were very nice as well, some fun powder turns. Other mid mountain exposures were less inviting. Heavenly Daze was nicely glazed over in the wind. Another run was almost all cookies. The lower mountain started out really nice in the morning. The old snow did not get a chance to freeze too firmly overnight and the new snow made for some nice carving conditions. By the time I returned later in the day these same runs were a mess.

Thursday was the best day. The day broke cloudy with occasional snow showers but gradually turned less cloudy and the sun came out. There was plenty of power to be had in Morningside, though it was turning a bit thick in the sun. A run down Big Meadow found some snow that though cut up, was still plenty soft and enjoyable. Poked into the trees a little to the side as well and they were still holding some nice snow. Found some bumps that were still a bit powdery in what I guess was Flying Z. (On the ride up, the runs under the Pony Express was still looking thin despite the snow.) Runs to all sides at the top of the gondola had a few nice inches of powder since they were groomed the night before. I finished the week with a run down See Me which was all packed powder and in really good shape.

All in all, three great days of skiing. I'll review the pictures and see if there is anything worth posting.