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Good Bye to a Great Season!!!

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I wanted to let you all know I had the best season ever with my daughter on the slopes...

She really turned into a great confident skier it seemed almsot over night.

How was you skiing season???
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Mt. Bachelor is open to Memorial Day. Mammoth and Arapahoe Basin usually close late. The Palmer Ice Field at Mt. Hood is open through the summer. It doesn't have to end (mine hasn't yet). You could take a family vacation. Glad you and your daughter had a great time.
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Glad you had a good season. Mine has been okay so far. About 35 powder days. Hit some big lines.

Still to come:

8 more days at the home mountain
6 days on Mt. Hood
2 days on Mt Adams
at least 4 or 5 whistler days
at least another 8 to 10 backcountry days

Could break 100 this year. It has been a while.
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I’m having a great ski season, one of the best.

My daughter, an ASU freshman, as able to join me during two trips, one in December to Utah & Colorado and another in March to Utah.

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

^Lynn, Peter, Candice & Michael at Snowbird^

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

December consisted of skiing at Snowbird, Snowmass and Beaver Creek.

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

^Candice at Snowmass^

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

^Gary at Beaver Creek^

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

^Ron at Beaver Creek^

January included a day at Stratton, Charles “ct55” came out for part of the day.

February saw a day at Mt Snow.

March has been the best. 3 days at Banff, including SSV & LL. March also saw 3 days at Alta-bird.

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

The morning sunlight at Lake Louise

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

^Candice at Snowbird^

The best part has been the friends and acquaintances who share the love of the sport. Lynn & Peter Colgren are always up for turns at Snowbird. Jim Ratliff of Virginia shared at day at Snowbird in December & Mark Gardiner of SLC joined the Colgrens and my daughter to ski Snowbird in March.

I also enjoyed Beaver Creek with Lynn Chapman-Stern of NYC, Ron Contarino of NJ, Gary Cassara of NY & Ed from Chicago. We are discussing a trip to Steamboat next December. I had great luck meeting new acquaintances while skiing near Banff.

It ain't over till it's over. I’ve got Oregon planned for April.


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I, too, had a great ski season. I met some Bears..........lots of Bears, and most of them didn't growl at me

I am a tad disappointed that YOU, mr ReaganLogan, didn't set up a meet on the hill for a trip north.:

Next year then?
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Wait, Wait... K-Mart here I come!

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