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Originally Posted by at_nyc View Post
So if one does ski over from Stowe to Smuggler, will one be able to take the lift back up?

Or is one stuck with an expensive taxi bill?
Last I heard they give out tickets for poaching. So if you get caught, that probably is pretty expensive in itself.

To travel between the two areas besides driving, some locals go over the notch on foot (actually snow shoeing) and/or by snowmobile.
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Originally Posted by madmanmlh View Post
Ive never taken the trail over, but if i was told correctly is just a flat trail, youll probably be hoofing it a bit.
If I remember right, Snuffy's is flat going over the pond and have some rollers over a ridge. It's really not a long trail.
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Originally Posted by chanwmr View Post
How long ago was that?
Back in the late 80's I remember an instructor at Smuggs taking half of our group down Freefall. Not sure if they still do, but they definitely did back then.
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