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Summer Skiing

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Heading to Mt. Hood for 3 days of Race Camp (13,14,15.) Are there any PNW Bears attending?
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I wish. Enjoy. BASH them gates!
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I'm heading to Les 2 Alpes on thursday 7/12 for a week of race camp starting sunday. I've never skied in summer and I've only been to one place in Europe a long time ago (Tignes/Val D'Isere,'80)
I will get to demo Saloman skis, but I think that's it. Cheers
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I'm hiking for turns at Mt. Baker this week.

Lucky, Which camp are you going to? Know who yer coach is yet?

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Is that the PSIA race camp, with Dave Lyons?
Was planning on going to that, then kind of spaced making an arrangements to go. Timberline is pretty hot with soft snow conditions, or so I've heard.
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Just look for a guy as old as your dad. I will be wearing black pants, yellow-orange Salomon boots, Salomon Crossmax 10 skis, and A blue parka if cold a black vest if warm.

Roto, Update on the Coaches: Jeff Cordell, Dave Lyon, Calvin Yamamoto, Nichols, Cris Thompson and Nelson Windgard.

Nord, It is the GS Camp and it is PSIA.<FONT size="1">

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from what I hear arm x... is old enough to be a grandpa. Granted here in UT thats not very old.
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Are those Crossmax 10's your's or loners from Barry?
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A bunch of us from powdermag message board are going to be there this weekend. We are not at camp though.

for descriptions.

Post here (or there) with description and gear. We will look for you.
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Not sure what you meant but my computer is still processing "Pbpbpbpbllltttt!!".
So far it's come up with: "Exclamation used by climbers on Nanga Parabat during avalanche"; "Vernacular expletive uttered by pilots on Parabat Airlines for loss of engine power"; and "Expletive uttered by Mexican farmers when fields are sprayed with Paraquat".
We're still processing here, but it's not looking so good...I'll let yah know...
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You're going to Les 2 Alpes and I'm not. What else can I say?

Have a great time!!
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Yeah there will be about 20 skiers from around the country (and the powdermag board) who will be there on the 14th/15th.

I'll be on Line darksides, tan pants, orange x-scream boots, tan helmet.

We'll be the ones doing stupid stuff.
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With gear like that, and "doing stupid [stooopid?] suff", shouldn't your name be MeatHucker9?
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He probably thought a "handle" like that would be taken the wrong way to often, JohnH.
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Yeah I get called "meathuck9" by a lot of the skiers from the powdermag board I've ridden with. It's all good.
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Had a great time at Hood and my coach, Nelson Wingard was excellent. Met some of the guys from the Powder Board, didn't get a chance to ski with them because I was in a clinic, but I watched them going down the hill and those guys were rippin.

jd, the Crossmax 10 worked real well on the hard morning snow. I spent three days running gates and free-skiing on them and I really like that ski.
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Isn't Nelson a bump junkie??

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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I know this Nelson has been in bump competitions in the past but not like Nelson Carmichael.
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How was the snow holding up? is the mile open or do you have to hike in mud? Or just Palmer? How much snow is left in White River? Is there snow down by the lodge? Details would be grand! Anyone hike up to illumnation Rock? or hogs back??? Is it corning up any? or just slush in the afternoon and ice in the morning?<FONT size="1">

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