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Dawn Patrol

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Stumbled on this when I was looking thought Black Diamond's site. Its a link to Andrew McLean's (wrote The Chuting Gallery, great skier, Black Diamond R&D, Wasatch Backcountry God) posting of many backcountry ski experiences. Look through it high numbers down, the links seemed to work a bit better for me.


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Ohh yea, #1 has some great shots of the Alta's Main Baldy Chute that was a involved in a lot of questions in an earlier thread.
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Andrew McLean is a great source for many things skiing in OOtah.
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Andrew's site always has some fantastic skiing and photos. He just returned from a trip to Baffin Island where he did first descents on something like 15 couloirs. He'll have those photos posted soon, so keep watching his site.

On a more personal note, here's a site where Andrew posted some pics from a summer trip we took last July in Wolverine Cirque.


Gorgeous, sunny day. Plenty of snow. Beer and canned fish products for lunch.

We had a great time.

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Bob, great pics there, what a great afternoon! Looks like every body was having a great time! What trails did you take up to the Cirque? I'd love to do that this summer.


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You Guys are killing me with those Pics I,m going to Have to get in a skiing fix now.
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Fantastic pics. Is that your camera work, if so nice cropping. How much vert did you drop on that beautiful, sunny July day?
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Andrew (McLean) did the photos. If you look through the photos on his main site (AltaSkier gave the url above), you'll see that he is just a master at digital photos. He also has a great sense of humor about some of the unbelievable adventures he undertakes.


We hiked from the Brighton parking lot at the base of the Millicent lift. If you follow the access road up, it leads to the Twin Lakes dam. From there, you follow the south side of the lake about two-thirds of the way around and then just head uphill toward the base of Wolverine Cirque. From there, you just pick whichever leftover chute you want and kick steps up. Takes (me, not Andrew) about 1.5 to 2 hours to get to the top of the chute from the Brighton parking lot.

The day and the skiing were so nice that we each hiked and skied the chute(s) three times. I would guess that there was about 700' of vertical in the main chute, but I overestimate everything [img]tongue.gif[/img]

We're actually putting things together to go do it again on Saturday, June 15. If you'd like to join us, send me a pm. The more the merrier.

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