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Rossignol FKS bindings

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Does anyone out there know about the toepieces for these bindings? They appear to be the same as on the current Axial 2 racing models. True? And although Rossignol ain't telling, I've heard two versions of how the toe works: 1) Unlike the other Rossi toes, it does not release upward, since racers can need to put a lot of load that direction, or b) it does, but has a heavier spring.

Thanks for your help.
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There are three 'FKS' bindings. The 120 has the same toe, the 155 and 185 have a solid toe (one piece) no seperate toe cups.
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I just asked that question of a Rossignol binding seller. His answer (in agreement with Whiteroom's response):

The FKS120 toe has the upward release feature like the Axial consumer toe. It is not until you get into the high din bindings (155, 185) that you lose the upward release feature
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it should release upward as it is based on the old ZR, however the big spring makes the upwards release negligible...
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