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New license plate for Utah

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Heidi Voelker, Pittsfield native who skied at Bousquet, is now the image on the new Utah license plate.

On the plate, she's not wearing a racing suit. (click on #2 under the picture). It's almost gaperesque....it's not very attractive. She looks like the Michelin man. What's up with that, Utah?:
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Can't have those slutty skin tight outfits on a state plate, can they?
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Alas, Utah politicians STILL can't get the skier-on-the-license-plate thing right. That's why I'll continue to go with the Delicate Arch plate.

http://www.sltrib.com/portlet/articl...st artImage=3
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I like the clip out of newpaper rock on top of the new skiing plate.

The Delicate Arch one needs a pic of Dean Potter hanging off of it during his circus stunt climb....

Life elevated....
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GS turns?

Greatest snow on earth and no pow in on the license plate?

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Bonnie -

It looks to me like the skier is starting to drag his inside hand. Maybe you should post his picture in the technical section for an MA.
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Um, Rio, Heidi is a she.
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Just don't try to get a Utah license plate with "MERLOT" on it. It was recently deemed offensive!
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