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I'm drinking it right now.

It's been four years. Holy memories.

If you know the stuff; please flaunt your recipe.

I like it with anything. I just like it. F*** I like it.
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Chilean lady I worked with back home reckoned Pisco sours were the go. Just put in some squeezed lemon juice and a bit of sugar.

I wonder how they'd be as a Pisco Mohito?

she said in Chile they have it with coke, which sounded a bit wrong!
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Originally Posted by ant View Post
she said in Chile they have it with coke, which sounded a bit wrong!
Coke is an orange fantasia, so not surprising really.

I blend it with canned peaches.
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actually pisco and coca-cola is not all that bad. Drop in a lemon wedge and you're rocking.

Pisco rocks mainly because it is 40 percent, yet drop in just a splash of anything and the strong alcohol flavor disapears. By far easiest to drink hard alcohol I have ever encountered. (although Nepalese moonshine is wwaaay smoother than it should be.)

usually pisco sours are the chilean fame. any fresh fruit like lemon or grapefruit is the norm. Ginger ale is good too.

I had to ask my wife to hide it before I finish our one and only bottle.

also, just two drinks and you are smelling like pisco tomorrow.
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