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Who is enjoying that 5 feet of snow in Buffalo? You bastards!

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Anyone skiing Greek Peak enjoying all that fresh snow that is burying Buffalo? I'm very jealous watching the news.

Mmmmm... real buffalo wings and deep snow to ski in... drooling...
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I drove by l'il ol' Greek Peak Wednesday night on the way back to NYC, but it's located almost three hours southeast of Buffalo, and isn't really subject to lake effect snow. It's all manmade, baby.
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The snow gods are punishing me!!! All the snow is near the city and north not down in ski country. Now of course i live north of Buffalo so i keep getting buried, at least i got to try out the 4 wheel drive of my new suv. Supposed to finnaly go south into ski country tonight and they will get 2 feet or so. But for now all the snow is wasted.
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Ski areas that are closer (just south) of Buffalo are Holiday Vally and HollyMount (private mountain). I would think that they got blasted! But you never know. Lake effect snow is very unusual. It usually falls in very narrow but long bands depending on the wind direction and streangth. You could have 24" of snow in one area but none just a few miles down the road. When you drive into one of these snow bands, you can see it coming. It's as if someone had droped a curain of snow in your path.
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The snow bands around Buffalo are very narrow. In most cases the snow bands are no more than 20 miles wide and extend east for about 100 miles. Niagara Falls probably has little and just south of Buffalo probably has little.
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The band that buried Buffalo is about 10 miles wide. North of Watertown , NY got a ton of snow today. None of the ski areas south of Buffalo or in central new york got any appreciable amounts.
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Kissing Bridge got a lot of snow today and will all weekend. After three days of skiing at H.V. I can tell you that the conditions are ok for man made snow. They have only gotten about three inches of natural the past week. All the snow till now has fallen just North of town. Tomorrow the heavy snow is supposed to travel a little further South and Holiday Valley and Holimont are supposed to get up to two feet of snow. I'm hoping it happens but am doubtful. However, I will be there tomorrow all day and will give you a report when I get home. All in all the skiing has been good. Most of the lifts and trails are open and it hasn't been crowded.
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Hey Lars i will be at Holiday all day too if the darn roads from Tonawanda are open so i can get there. So if you see some guy using Rossignol 9s Pro 9.9's in 170 length say hi DC.
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thats the url to kissing bridge, which i believe is the closest resort to buffalo. I will be there in a few weeks. Skied Greek Peak today, nothing natural, they had about 5 inches a few days ago but it mostly all melted off. Its all man made groomed. Got out on the new skis though, finally. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Fresh tracks today in about a foot of pow and it snowed hard most of the day. Sweet!!!!! Tried the shoulder out too. Had a hard fall right on it. Held up great.
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Holiday Valley was receiving a pretty good dump of snow when I left yesterday (Saturday) evening. This morning their web site says they got a foot, with more on the way.

As HarryO, Pierre and BG said, the snow bands are quite narrow. Snow was falling like crazy as I left Ellicottville and I thought the drive home would take forever, but ten or fifteen miles north it just ended.
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I remember long ago as a teenager having to driving through on the I90 and entering some towns where it was coming down and the snow had piled up and then a few miles further hardly anything. Found this map showing where it occurs.

Is it true there are no ski areas anywhere in the area where the snowfall is shown as highest? I looked at
some of the topography on topozone.com and noticed there were some 300 to 500 foot hills in the area.
Trouble in the east tends to be that all land has long since been privately held. Even so as the map shows
the snowfall areas near the east side of Erie only receive about 150 inches maximum on average which is not that much. -dave
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Dave, just to let you know, an area called Kissing Bridge has gotten over 4 feet of snow in this latest storm. Also, Holiday Valley has gotten over 3 feet. The skiing at H.V. the last 3 days has been fantastic I might add. Awesome powder days. They are 99% open and in great shape. My legs are tired after skiing 5 out of the last 6 days. Today they are getting blasted again with more than a foot expected, and more tomorrow. There's a little resort called Cokaigne about 25 minutes from here that gets annualy over 200 inches. Last year they got over 250. If they only had some vertical. Lake Erie is still at 37 degrees. Buffalo and this area could still get another 7 feet. It's very likely we could here too since where I live, we usually get more than Buffalo.

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There are a couple of areas just to the east of the tug hill that get tons of snow-Snow Ridge in Turin, NY, McCauley Mt, in Old Forge, maybe Woods Valley. They are pretty small areas, but fun when its dumping.
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Deep powder indeed! Great New Years 2002 present.
Yahoo searched for Kissing Bridge and got the resort web page, went into directions and noticed it
is right in where the highest snowfall zone shows on the map in my post. Showed the town of Colden
nearby which I searched on topozone.com and then honed in per the directions to get this map which I am guessing due to the fact it is the steepest zone in the area:

Then looked at the trail map. Looks like east facing elevations between 1240 and 1770 feet.

"Kissing Bridge" sounds like a great place to bring a female skiing friend. Oh and just where is
"the bridge" ? -dave
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