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2008 Fischer Cool Heat

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Ski Tested: 2008 Fischer Cool Heat 170cm
Skier info: 5 foot 9, 150lbs, level 8, 40-60 days/year
Conditions: cream cheese new snow, ice, softening hardpack

This is the new 76mm underfoot Fischer that essentialy replaces the AMC76 (although the AMC is back next year). It is a 16m radius ski, and Fischer is marketing it as a frontside ski that is capable of skiing the entire mountain (similiar to the Top/Jet Fuel marketing). It is a wood core ski with some metal, and has the Flowflex binding. It is relatively stiff, and the weight is on the heavy side (that flowflex plate isn't light, and the ski also gets the Fischer equivalent of the RFD14, which is a heavy-duty binding). I didn't ski anything else this day, but got a pretty good feel for the ski, as conditions have been pretty consistent lately.

Review: this ski has a GS feel to it, for sure. It likes to rip arcs at speed. Typical Fischer feel: stout, stiff, damp, powerful, aggressive. I would liken it to the feel of some Atomics I have tried: edgy and powerful. It would turn at slow speed (I spent much of the day working on the drills I learned at ESA) and was easy to get going in the slow speed releases. It also handled smaller bumps without complaint. The ski tracked well over snow and didn't get rattled. In comparison to the iM78 Monster I have been skiing, the Fischer felt much more aggressive and less forgiving laterally. Stability was similiar, but I just had to be "on" the Fischer more, whereas the Head wasn't as demanding of me. Also, the Head is a bit more forgiving in bumps and will do any speed, whereas the Fischer wants to run. When I nail a turn, the Fischer really lets me know, whereas the Head is just a little bit more relaxed. On the other hand, the Head seemed to be more versatile and all-mountain, all-conditions, whereas the Fischer is more biased to a frontside skier looking for some versatility, but with a close to race-ski feel underfoot. It has similiar dimensions to the Elan Magfire 12, but the Mag12 seems a little more forgiving and with more energy in the tail, whereas the Fischer seems to be a bit stiffer and more demanding of good technique.

Overall, I liked this ski, but suspect that it is suited to a bit heavier skier than myself. This is often the way I feel about Atomic as well: nice skis, but a little too demanding for either the way I ski or how much I weigh. It is definitely an upgrade for aggressive skiers over the AMC79: the Cool Heat is going to be the expert-level, all mountain ski for the good skiers, in Fischer's line. The Cold Heat is REALLY stiff, and I don't see many people buying that one. The Cool Heat will be the one for most good skiers to check out.
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Nice review, thanks. I am lighter than you by 12lbs and am often faced with trying to figure out how the latest and greatest offerings will work at my weight. It's amazing how differently a ski behaves at different skier weights.
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Thanks for posting another terrific comparative review.
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