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Picked up a pair of 2007 model length 186cm. The item code is 17011. Here is the ski on the official webb page:

However, my question conserns the shape of the ski and the top laminate. They had a pair of 181cm and they looked completely different. The top laminate resembled the SL graphics with some of that three dimensional pattern black color and the read was more ferrari read than the more plain looking 186cm ski. It was also much wider up front and at tail and the tail was cut differently, it ended abruptly like the one on the www page. The side cut run all the way to the very end of the ski. On the 186cm length ski the tail was cut like the SL ski tail.

Any comment? Do I have the right ski, latest 2007 edition, if I dont, should I swap for the shorter length (only one left)?