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Alta as Haven

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Gotta love that.
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And in case we SERIOUSLY need duct tape, Alta would be the place....
oops, sorry, could'nt resist!
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Vote FOX for mayor of Alta.

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You know the politicains and media mistakes are everywhere including Alta.

The reason why there were no Olympic events in Little Cottonwood Canyon, is that according to Olympic requirements, there must be two ways in and out of a competition event location. So Snowbird and Alta were precluded due to that and with very limited areas for parking, it would have been a nightmare.

As to the other portions of the article it is a good read, and I do want to return one day to ski both Alta and the "Bird" on the same day. Dick Bass' dream finally came true last season when the resorts became lift connected.
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Last Monday I did the Alta/Snowbird combo, mainly because I was running out of time (and knees). In future planning, I believe I would allow for at least a day at each.

Despite constant, non-stop, hard skiing (mainly on the blues... a few blacks) for about three and a half hours at each resort, there were still a number of interesting-looking runs I didn't get to try.

Maybe next year.....
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