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Mojo 90 for hard snow steeps?

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone skied the Mojo 90 in very steep, hard snow terrain? I am looking for a ski for some extreme terrain - its very steep (double black), sometimes soft snow, sometimes hard. I have a head monster 82 - should I just stay with that?

I am 5'11 and weigh 160 pounds.

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I never really felt qualified to post up a review of my thoughts on the mojo 90, as I only got to ski it on hard snow, but I wasn't real impressed. The tips were pretty skittish at speed and they felt like they were going to fold up on themselves if you really cranked out turns. I'd go with the IM88 instead, as the extra stiffness and metal will smooth them out and make them more crud-capable. When it comes down to it though, I don't know that its that different a ski from the IM82 (same construction, different waist; one ofmy favorite skis of the year) to justify owning both.
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All around I was very unimpressed by the mojo 90's when I skied them. im82, 88, or 103 would all be better head skis for "extreme" terrain.
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How hard is the snow you're skiing? If its western hard snow I'd take the Mojo 90 in steeps over the IM 88 any day because of its lightness, ability to skid and forgiveness.
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I skied the Mojo 90 on refrozen glaze ice and crud at Whistler. Conditions were comparable to an icy day in New England, but steeper. It was acceptable, given that a twin tip's target environment aint ice. Carved, fairly smooth, but the tip kept threatening to wash out and the ski did not like any speed. My main ski there was a iM82; no comparison. In terms of other twin-tips I've skied on NE ice: Not as good as a Karma, a bit less hold than a Mantra, far better than a Scratch or PR or Foil.
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Thanks guys for your input. Its to ski the north face at Crested Butte - lots of steeps, chutes, moguls - sometimes soft, sometimes hard. Lots of varying terrain, with a backcountry feeling.
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I've skied Crested Butte; Mojo 90 would work really well on most days, especially in the chutes, might get squirrelly when it's really hard. Also would think about Karmas, which are very cheap now.
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My beatered Mojos do alright on ice, they are pretty predictable usually as to how they turn and stuff. We just had a rain/freeze cycle go through the PNW and taking them up on Alpental, even just like Edelweiss bowl (only thing open due to dangerous conditions) was really hard to do on them. They do the job, and I've never been real good at icy moguls, but they had some of those death slides going on. But I rarely tune the edges and they were beat to start with, so whatever. Should work pretty good for ya. Side note: They slayed it at lower angle moguls about the same size/a little softer, i mean completely slayed.
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Mojo 90 are very good ski for ALL conditions including powder, soft snow, hard snow, corn, slash, steeps, moguls, you name it... They do suck big time on frozen glaze iced crud! But it is not very often in Colorado.

I am planning to keep my Mojos for every day and get something that is good for ice. Hopefully not as heavy as Atomic Metron B5. Buy the way, can anyone recommend something lighter for iced steeps and moguls?
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Brendan, You can read my review on the review section, I do agree it performs well on almost any terrain. The other thing to keep in mind with the Mojo is the mounting point. I mounted mine -1 off center and really like the balance, I have heard some mounting 2 & 3 cm back, that is going to make for better float but lessen hard snow grip (in general)
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