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Vail Ski With a Buddy Pass

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Anybody know how much a "buddy" lift ticket is on the $349 Season's Pass (unlimited Breck, Keystone 10 days at Vail) pass.

I just inquired about the Colorado Card I have and I have to pay $79 this Sat. and $70 the following days. Fortunately I have 1 free ticket that I can redeem. The Colorado Card ain't what it used to be!
The guy I'm staying with has the Season's Pass described above so I'm hoping I can use the tickets he has left on it for Vail and pay what ever that rate is. I'm assuming it will be less than $70 a day.

Skiing Vail in the spring used to be alot less expensive. The last week of the season they steeply discount tickets but not before. Probably smart business on Vail's part.
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If you buddy bought his pass in early spring of 06 it should have four $40 Vail days loaded on it. The pass I bought in May of 06 did!
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Thank you Mr. Vertical . I can't remember when he got his. Actually I think since it was the second year he bought the pass, he renewed on line in the fall. But he did use the buddy for one day when he want out in Jan. of this year. with his daughter. He forgot he had the buddy passes.

He and I are quite the twosome. He owns a condo at the Beaver Creek Lodge, he's a part owner in two other units in Avon, and needs to make a decision if he's going to put money down on the new Lionshead Ritz Carlton. Me, I'm obsessed with whether I can save another $30 a day on my ticket.
Hopefully there will be 3 passes left for $40 on his ticket.

It's still going to cost me $ 330 to ski the 7 days I'm there. A hell of a deal would be to be able to buy next year's $349 pass while I'm there and have it be good in April 07. I thought UL said he was able to do this. Seems too good to be true.
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They haven't announced pass rates yet for next season to the best of my knowledge. It is usually the last 7-10 days of the season. I'm not sure if the 07/08 pass can be used this year. I seem to remember you could not use the pass bought in the spring if it was your first.

There are a number of Vail Resorts pass holders that attend LG III as you will RT. I have all my discounts available and would be glad to pass them along to any who need them.

I am not sure for areas other than Vail, but at last check the PSIA discount seemed to be the best deal going over any discounts. PSIA members should bring their card with them.
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