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Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post
MOJO 15's on the line. The only other choice is FF17. (no Railflex, pleassee)!

I'm not going railflex, I'd pretty much made my mind up about that. If its not on the ski when I get it, like the im75, I don't feel its meant to be there.

Its prob going to be Mojo 15, I'm just not gonna have the money to mount 'em 'til next season after new boots/footbeds/skis... such a cheap sport
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Really gotta trim the quiver down a bit. Too much overlap. Prolly let go of the MB5's & Mojo90's then see.....
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Right now my quiver is:

185 Armada ARVs

195 Ak Rocket Swallowtails

193 4Frnt EHPs

191 Armada ANTs

I've realized that I don't really like rockered/pintailed skis, so I think I'll be getting rid of the EHPs. The ARVs are my ski for when the snow sucks enough I don't want to have to throw around a bigger ski, but the ANTs ski short anyways, so I'll probably ditch the ARVs. The Aks have gotten pretty soft, so I'll be getting rid of those.

So that leaves ANTs, and I want something else as a wide open terrain only going fast type ski.

I'm predicting next year I will be buying the burliest skis I have ever skied. Perhaps 194 squads.

I might get another pair of AK rockets as a touring ski as well.
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Prediction: I will sell some skis and buy others! 100% probability of that.

I do have a pair of 07 Elan Mag12s that I need to return under warranty -- there was a small defect in the sidewall of one ski that turned into a crack. I am half thinking they might send me the all-new 08 model at this point, which will be interesting.

Beyond that, there are a few sale deals from SierraJim and Dawg that are catching my fancy....
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06 Volkl Attiva AC2 156 /Marker 11.0
05 Dynastar Legend Exclusive 158 / Look TT
06 Volkl Queen Attiva 156/ Salomon 912
Dalbello Krypton Storm / Thermoflex

07 Blizzard Mag SL 165 / Vist / Marker 14.0
08 Elan 888 176 / Elan 3-11
Dalbello Krypton Cross / Thermoflex

07 Blizzard Mag SL 165 / Vist / Marker 14.0
07 Blizzard Titan Nine 181 / Salomon 900 Alium (rock skis)
07 K2 Seth 179 / Salomon 912
Here is the quandry....
08 Elan 888 176 / Elan 311
08 Elan Magfire Magma 176 / Elan 311
Dalbello Krypton Pro ID and/or IL Moro

But of course, this is subject to change.
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Skis - let's not go there....

I'm planing on Agressor 150s though.
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Sticking with Rossi TP 9X PPS 188s for groomers, K2 Apache Chief 181s for the soft stuff. Thinking about K2 PE 174s for moguls and more versatility than the Chief--hoping SAC puts them up again. Thinking about dedicated mogul skis... Wish I had more money for more skis, then I'd buy a mogul ski and an all mountain ski...maybe Pontoons.
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I'll be getting new boots for the '07-'08 season. Not really looking forward to that process.

Skis in the current rotation...

Head iM88 175cm ('05-'06)
Elan 662 176cm ('03-'04)

I am considering adding something like a Nordica Speedmachine Mach 3 168cm to the rotation, if I can find a heavily discounted pair.
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Originally Posted by SrMike View Post
Not trying to keep up with Phil, but...:

That will probably all change by next fall.
Isn't that what Phil would say?

I am selling 2, maybe three of my skis.
Burnin Luv
Replacing the karma with either the snoop daddy or the Elan 888.
Getting some demo time, and am seeing something spicy in my future.
maybe 82 ish in the waist for my day to day ski.
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Isn't that what Phil would say?

I am selling 2, maybe three of my skis.

Shouldn't you sell in pairs?
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Same crap I have now except two new pairs of Salomon 916 toes. And a new lower left cuff buckle. I'd really like a pair of 198 DP Lotus 120's, but I doubt I will have the cash or the will to spend it. I'll probably spring for a new season pass too, unless they let me use the one I've got now.
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Maybe an upgrade of my 8800's. Legend Pros make me drool when I see them. I think I need them . Bad . Also some lame teaching ski that's kinda short.
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This year:

07 Line Chronics 177 - Everyday ski
Bro Model 188 - Just got them, only skiied one day
Technica Diablo 6 boots

Next Year:

Line Chronics 177 - Fooling around/rock ski
Bro 188's - Everyday ski
Bro 179's - Touring ski
Fantasy: DP Lotus 120 at 190 - Big days out west
Technica Diablo 6
Scarpa Spirit 4
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Well, this buying season ain't over.

I finally pulled the trigger on a hardsnow SL ski. My quiver is in balance, with a 66mm SL race carver, 72mm versatile GS carver, 89mm all-mountain ski & 125cm deep-snow-only ski assortment.

I purchased a new 2007 165cm Fischer Worldcup SC. This is the first time I've purchased new-at-retail in years. Scott, well known to us here at Epic as Dawgcatching, was blowing these out for $400 with DIN 17 bindings installed, a factory warranty and a hot wax. I was not going to find a better deal. Thank you Scott!

The Worldcup SC is a 118-66-99mm cheater SL ski with a 14m turn radius. It replaces my 175cm Fischer Worldcup RC (112-66-97mm). I want to work on my short & medium turn radius carving technique, I tend to overly depend on GS turns & speed. Plus, the Contact 11 really fills the GS race-carver spot in my quiver very well, while being excellent in crud and bumps.

I considered the Head Supershape & a few FIS legal for SL race stock skis. I like the feel of Fischers, more lively than most, and the SC is a real powerhouse, Scott considers it to be "more race ski than recreational, and exactly what I'm looking for".

I'm planning a trip to Mt. Bachelor in April to pick up the ski and get a day or two of skiing in before the season ends.

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Probably add something in the nomad line, something in the 70's, to my quiver which is

04 sl 11.12 164
06 triplet 172
06 Mb5 162 (My rock skis after our lean start this year)
07 M11b5 connected 170 (now my everyday ski)
07 snoop daddy 174
06 sugar daddy 173
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I will add two new pairs of Nordica race skis next year (even though I HATE the new white graphics).
165cm SLR
186cm GSR

I still do not know if I will mount them with X-Balance plates, or if I will use my Marker Piston race plates... I guess it depends on what the skis come mounted with (if anything).

My first day on snow will be on one of my pairs of 165 SLRs. I think I am going to give my Elan GSX's to my younger brother to ski/race on, so I will at least be shedding a pair of skis... but I think that in return I will make him give my Salomon LAB GS skis and my Machete FB's back to me.


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elan m666

Originally Posted by The Squeaky Wheel View Post
Current Quiver:

Hard snow: Elan RIPStick
Mid-Fat (never used): Elan m666
Soft snow/day-after Pow: Volkl Mantra
Deep Days: Volkl Sanouk

Next year:
Hard snow: Nordica Mach 3
Soft snow/crud: Dyanstar Mythic Rider
Deep Days: Volkl Sanouk
Not sure where it'll fit in: Volkl Mantra

Pssssssst.....I'm selling both my 170cm Elan RIPStick and 176 m666, both with integrated fusion bindings, if anyone is interested. My Nordicas & Dynastars are already on their way.
hi squeaky,
are you still interested in selling m666s?....
if yes, please send me a pm........thanks....neil
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07 Stockli SC 170cm/ VIST SL Pro 19mm plate/ 6-14 binding - selling depending on deal
07 Stockli Rotor 179 cm/ VIST SL TT 19mm plate / 6-14 binding - selling depending on deal
07 Stockli DP Pro 193 cm/ VIST Sl TT 19mm plate - never ever ever selling (thinking about getting another pair and vacuum packing in UV proof plastic - for when I finally destroy this pair)
06/07 Blizzard Titan Nine/ Marker Comp 14 binding - trying to sell

07/08 (possibly)

VIST SL 165 cm/ VIST SL Race 19mm Plate/ 6-14 binding
VIST X-Free 182cm/ VIST SL TT 19mm plate/ 6-14 binding
VIST GS 192cm/ VIST SL Race 19mm plate/ 8-16 binding
Stockli DP Pro (see above) - my favourite ski
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Green still hanging on, Yellow going big,Tan, and crimson in play. Maybe a bit of blue if I feel risque.
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Can't wait to pick up a pair of 178 Dynastar Mythic Riders to add to my 184 Volkl G3s. Wow, you boys have some big quivers.
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Originally Posted by nfp158 View Post
hi squeaky,
are you still interested in selling m666s?....
if yes, please send me a pm........thanks....neil
PM sent.
Let me know if you don't receive it.
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For now looks like I'm going with:

190 Explosive-Buddah
194 LP XXL
195 Praxis
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185 Reverend...just learned to ski Tele and my Kongurs are great all mountain, but need(want?!) the Rev for that Alta/'Bird powder.

Does size matter? Got a small quiver, but works for me:

'03 Stormrider - rock ski
'05 Stormrider xl - all mntn.
'05 Stormrider DP/Schmidt - pwdr.
'06 Atomic Kongur - Free your heel, free your mind!

Was too slow to get the Rev. on SAC...hope it comes around again...
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06/07 quiver:
165 Rossignol 9S RD
188 Blizzard GS RD
176 Elan M666
165 Elan SLX

Planned changes:
Sold 176 Elan M666
Bought 176 Elan Magfire 14
Bought 165 Blizzard SL Magnesium RD
Sell 165 Elan SLX (anyone?)

Quiver 07/08
165 Blizzard SL Magnesium RD
165 Rossignol 9S RD (for running slalom on plastic)
188 Blizzard GS Magnesium RD
176 Elan Magfire 14
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Already ordered 178 Rossi Scratch Brigad with Freerides

to go with 06/07 164 Stoeckli Stormrider XL's with Look P12
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Moving to Utah next season will probably be something like:
188CM Nordica Beast Limited w/ PX12 Ti -- Everyday Ski
172CM Metron B5 w/ Neox 412 -- SL Carving
183CM Head Monster 103 w/ PX12 Ti -- Charging
181CM K2 MOD w/ PX12 -- Bump ski
175CM Fischer BigStix 7.6 w/ Freeride+ -- Rock Ski

No point in having a real touring ski beucase I don't have a beacon, probe, etc... nor the Avy training.
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Just sold my Karmas to Ullr (thanks!) and picked up a pair of Head iM77 from dawg (could not pass up that deal). So heading into next season:

Fischer RX-8 180cm -- hardpack carver, 4 years old and will always be in my quiver!
Elan M666 184cm -- mid fat all-mtn crudbuster, for sale as they feel too long to me after some weight loss
Elan Mag12 176cm -- just right length ski replacing above
Head iM77 177cm -- in competition with the Mag12 as my go-to ski next season
K2 PE 179cm -- powder, off-piste, goofing off, or anytime I need a ski with goofy graphics, guns, and artillery
Atomic Sweet Daddy 181cm -- my AT setup now, with naxos and skins
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Originally Posted by EJS View Post
Quiver 07/08
165 Blizzard SL Magnesium RD
176 Elan Magfire 14
Prolly me too.
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Right now i'm on 175 allstars
Just ordered a pair of 177 08' stockli cobra snakes (going to be so sick!)
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current quiver

salomon screams 170cms
head supershape ci170 in 165cms
salomon teneighty foils in 182 cms
scott aztec pros 175cms 2008 model

new quiver

i will dump the heads cheap to a mate and the wife has taken on the screams - she likes the lightness and width and i will go down to a two ski quiver

salomon teneightys for heavy powder days and back country

scott aztec pros for everything else

it feels good to actually reduce the size of the quiver
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