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Powder Night at Brighton

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Snowbirds instructors arent getting enough freeskiing in, so my plan was to get a group together and head to brighton. I must say my plan rocked!!!

Whnn we got there never a lift line all night, 15 bucks for a lift ticket, soft groomers/park (brighton park is really good) and ankle to knee deep snow in the trees and off trail. Plus since its stayed light to around 7:40pm we spent tons of times in the trees.

Pictures now video later

Mt Millicent socked in the snow and fog

The quiver pic me(Gotama) Tim(amarda ARVs) Chelsea (dynstar Exclusives)

Picture showing the flatness of brighton and the fact it dumped all day err well night

Tim Foley on something that looks tiny in pictures

Where waldo? me skiing some of the endless tree run off crest express

The snow picked up tons by night fall

The crew for the night from left to left to right lou, chelsea, rob, cirrin, and tim.

Overall a great night at 15 bucks with a arctic circle 2 for 1 coupon its one of the best deals in the state. Plus if you like tree skiing drops/park/ tons of little features all over the mountain is your thing this is your place for fun. only downside i see is its so flat, very very flat at the bottom. The groomer skiing on gotamas wasnt that fun unlike at snowbird where I can use the pitch to bend these thing, at brighton they were kinda of boring on the flat groomers.
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I apologize for some of the not so good skiing in here... but some kick butt skiing too.

The 2 rippers with the visor helmets are me and Tim. Enjoy.

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this post didnt work
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Me likey TRs with pics + video...
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Nice work man. Looks like you guys had a fun night.
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Nice vids. Me like it.
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Really goofy and fun. Don't worry about the vid, we love it, grainy ass and all. The maggots spend half a pow day setting their's up...
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