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Non-wool ski socks

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The ski sock review reminded me. My wife is look for some ski socks with NO WOOL as she thinks it's causing irritation. Nothing thick or padded, relatively thin, preferably not too cold of course that's a trade off when requirements are no wool and relatively thin.

So, what's your favorite thin, totally-synthetic ski sock?
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A note about smart-wool. I am incredibly sensitive to wool irritation and the smart-wool ultra lite socks are irritation free. In fact, I have trouble believing they have wool in them because there is no irritation (I think they are 60% wool). They work great for me.
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These are great socks, IMHO, 8% wool, but can it irritate? not me or the wife who also doesn't like wool. Good price and great company /customer service!

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Wigwam Ultimax Ultra-Lite

Under Armour Cold Gear Mountain
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F*** synthetic. Where do they wick moisture to in a ski boot?

I've been skiing for 30 years, grew up in minnesota and grew up with cold feet. 100% silk or 100% wool is the way to go. Ultra-lights are also key to fit.

sierratradingpost.com has been my affordable outlet.

It will have to be one hell of a good synthetic to replace the warmth-retaining qualities of wool and or silk. And if I'm not camping, why do I need a sock that dries quickly when hung up? It's all about retaining warmth when wet. (ie- natural fiber).
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Hot Chilly's Lo-Volume. Great sock w/great foot to footbed contact/control/feeling, almost like being barefoot in your boot!
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