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Bootfitter Sunpeaks / Kamloops

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I am from Oz and am looking at going to Sunpeaks next season. We are looking at getting some new boots (1st time) for my wife and I, and would be grateful if anyone had recommendations for a GOOD bootfitter at either Sunpeaks or Kamloops.

I can handle the ski shops being smaller, as long as I KNOW that I am getting a bootfitter with plenty of experience not only with boots, but also footbeds. It may cost me a bit extra, and I may not have as much variety of choice, but considering I am from Perth, Oz (which has NO ski boot options) then I don’t mind trying the ski shops Jardine’s or McSportys as long as they have an experienced Bootfitter.

Uunless someone knows of a very good bootfitter in Vancouver, as we will be spending 4 days at the start of our holiday before heading to Sunpeaks.

Thanks in advance
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if you fly into banff/calgary I can help.

dont know anyone that in sunpeaks for sure. sorry
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Bootfitter @ SunPeaks

There are a number of shops on the hill at Sun Peaks. One of the best bootfitters is Derek at Jardines. Nick is good, too. The shop is located in the middle of the village. Prices are generally good and they stand behind their fitting and the products they sell. I suggest using someone on the hill as fine tuning the boot fit is best done with some immediate feedback about how you feel while skiing. As for the other shop you mentioned in your post, lots of locals love them, but I cannot recommend them: they tried to sell my wife a pair of boots without asking where and what she skis, didn't look at the shape of her foot and then proceeded to hand her a pair of boots (without shell fitting) and said "This is the best I've got". My experiences over the years with Jardine's have been nothing short of excellent (and I spend lots there!).
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Thanks for the reply

Selling someone a pair of boots without shell fitting says it all : - No way to them

So Derek is the one to go for if I go to Jardine's; no worries I will keep that in mind and make an appointment with him closer to the time. The group I'm going to SunPeaks with is called MTM, and they said that they have a good working relationship with Jardine's so this looks like it may be the way to go for our new boots and footbeds. We’ll be skiing for 3 - 4 weeks when over so it could also be worth actually buying the ski's (mid-range) as it may not be a lot dearer than hiring for 3-4 weeks.

Have you heard of MTM (http://www.masterthemountain.com.au), they run a ski program (based in Oz) that runs a 2 week program at SunPeaks from 5th Jan. – 20th Jan. There a bit expensive, but it’s based around a full 2 week program for the kids, with guided skiing (and small instructions) for the adults. We’re seriously looking at doing this as it’s our 1st trip overseas and it may be worth spending the extra to get a holiday that is structured around us (from high beginner to mid-intermediate level).

We’re also looking at spending another 7-10 days at another resort after the 2 weeks at Sunpeaks. Still tossing up between heading to Whistler or going to SilverStar for the extra week???
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2 weeks at sunpeaks seems long to me, 3 days tops and then check out sivlerstar, nelson, or Whistler, If this is more of a holiday, and less the skiing great, but for skiing, travel a bit for the 2 weeks.
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Sunpeaks is a great family mountain, but if this is your first trip overseas, I would also recommend traveling a bit. I personally would ski 5 days at sunpeaks and 5 days elsewhere. Whistler is about 5 hrs West, Kicking Horse is about 5 hrs East, and Silver Star is about 3 hrs.

Depends on what you want in a resort. In terms of terrain, Kicking Horse and Whistler are both great, but Whistler is an uber resort, while at KH it is all about the skiing. Silver star is also a nice family resort. Heres an article on KH http://3w.skipressworld.com/news_det...&filter=&sort=

I'm pretty sure that they have a bus that will take you from the Sun Peaks village to Whistler.
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