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what size ski????

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i will be ordering some K2 fujis online soon because there at a great price.
the size i was going to get was 159 however those are the onlu size sold out = \ will i still be fine if i move down to 149?
i have only been skiing a few times and they gave me 140's. i did awesome. however im concerend that these will be to small in awhile.
should this be a problem?

im 5'9 and 140 lbs
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It might be helpful to give a bit more info such as:


Skier ability/types of terrain you like and aspire to

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5'9, 140ish, beginner, park and some all mountain, male obveously seeing as though the fujis are a mans ski. and im 15.
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I would go for the 223cm
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Definitely. The Fuji might be a good choice for the park. According to K2, it has very soft tips and tails, so it should be forgiving. I'm not sure how well it'll do anywhere else, though.
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Whatever length you get I suggest buying two pair as they are disposable.
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