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Any opinions on Tecnica Rival RX?

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I'm 45yo, 5'10 165lb (down from 195 a year ago, woohoo!) upper-intemediate, ski mainly eastern hardpack... I spend a lot of time poking around with my young daughter, with occasional forays to the blues and groomed blacks... and also go off a few times a year with the grownups. Thus the adjustable flex appeals to me, and there seems to be a lot of other adjustability on the boot. I'm wondering if the flex insert thingys hold up well over time? The fit is near-perfect right out of the box and I can get a pair of '02's in my size for 50% off list. TIA for any inputs [img]smile.gif[/img]

Steve L.
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Steve Tecnica is the only boot I have found that can fit my foot. They make a great boot. I'm skiing in some older TNT's so I really can't comment on the rival rx. The adjustments on Tecnica's boots all work well. If you have an intstrutor who knows boots He can help you dial in all the adjustments and get you in a proper stance. Take some of the cash your saving on them and get some good custom footbeds for your new boots. The footbeds are well worth the money.
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The Rival is one of the highest volume, oversized boots ever made. Be very carefull on it's sizing. Everyone I know who used to ski in the old Inntec series boots, went down a shell size in the Rival. If you have a big fat foot, it is a great boot. The dual pivot upper cuff system is amazingly effective if you need it. I the most commen mod I do on the Rivals is to remove the rear spoiler, as it can keep some people from acheiving a tall neutral stance, and often put them in the back seat. The RX is the stiffest Rival you can buy, but it is less stiff than any Icon. For most good skiers skiing on modern gear, it has a great flex. Nobody ever uses the flex adjustment on a daily basis. Everyone seems to either set it all the way soft, or all the way stiff, and forget about it. Even our kids instructors who may end up with a carpet class, or an bunch of serious rippers never bother with it, neither will you.

Utah49 - The Rvial fits and skis nothing like an old TNT. It is more like an old TCR. A softer wider boot made to fit a much higher volume foot.
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Thanks to all for your inputs... sounds like I may have found a winner!

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