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After the Race

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For those ever working as an official, the following might be interesting. Do you know what it is?

From: <fis-autoreply@fisski.ch>
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 8:11 PM

> Your mail contains 1 attachments
> The following files are found :
> ---- USA6419.zip ----
> Files contained in your zip file (USA6419.zip) :
> USA6419_477.xml
> ---------Warnings -----------
> The discipline GS has been replaced by the
discipline mentioned in the
result file SL
> ----------Penalty-----------
> Calculated penalty :2942
> Applied penalty :2942
> The results file is correct, results will be
uploaded into the Fisdatabase
> Thank you for your good cooperation
> Das Rennergebniss ist korrekt und wird direkt in
unsere Database geladen
> Besten Dank für Ihre gute Zusammenarbeit
> Le fichier des résultats est correct, il va être
chargé dans notre base de
> Merci pour votre bonne collaboration
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Did you upload race results? Looks like a confirmation.
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Why was GS replaced with SL?
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Yes, it is a race confirmation - when the official result .xml file is emailed to FIS, an immediate response is returned - any problems or acceptance of the event. The results then appear immediately on the FIS website for viewing. In this case codex 6419. The longer number, USA6419.477 reflects the country, codex and TD.

Upon receipt by the FIS of completed and signed TD report and Timing Technical Report via Fax, the results become valid for scoring.

Originally scheduled for a GS/SL, the warm weather forecasted for the 5 day window prior to the events suggested a probable loss of sufficient snow for the GS. The decision to run 2 SL's was made 4 days prior. A good decision. Both Ladies SL's were completed and scored.
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