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Which Skis for first day at Wachusett MT this weekend?

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I'm thinking of maybe hitting Wachusett this weekend. It is supposed to open from what I know. The thing is, I have NEW skis. I do have my Bandits too, but I would really like to try out skis in my new length and cut. I've heard that they got ALL new rentals this year,but I don't think that I want to go that route. How about Demo's? What ski is closest to say a Volkl 6 star? Does anyone know?

I don't want to ruin my new ones, they are known for having small rocks and stuff showing through at the beginning of the season.

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FYI - they cancelled the on-snow portion of the "instrustor training clinic" due to lack of snow. ROCK SKIS may very well be in order!

I'm off to Sunday River...

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ARG! Maybe I will take the extra time and go to Okemo or someplace like that! I have a busy weekend though and I REALLY want to get out.
My Bandits aren't rock skis either, I don't have ROCK skis right now...if I go to WAWA it will be rentals I guess. I gave my ELANS to my brother-in-law tonight, but then again, they weren't really rock skis either.
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Okemo, with out a doubt has the best snow coverage. I may be on my new AX3's on Sunday. If you want to ski your new skis Okemo is the place to be. I'll be on my G3's the other day's.
I will be at Okemo this weekend as I'm there every weekend. I'm working on Saturday but free skiing Friday and Sunday. I wear a yellow Myto Switch helmet with either a red Spyder jacket or yellow and black faded North Face parka from about 4 years ago. Saturday I'll be in my blue Ambassadors jacket. If you see me let me know.

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Not to be a contrarian, but I wouldn't ski Okemo early season with brand new skis either. I do recognize Okemo does a great job with early season snow making, but often in early season groomers will till up gravel and fist sized rocks on some trails like World Cup that will beat up the bases and edges of new skis. I use a pair of beater skis early season until natrural snow helps out the base depths.

Of course the old saying goes if you want to keep your new skis perfect hang them over the fire place. You will have to use the new skis some time!
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If rentals are new, why not beat them up?
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This year Okemo's snow makers have done an amazing job. I have been skiing there, early season for the past 8 or 9 years. I have email them a number of times with the same complaint, about "floaters" small rocks that the groomers dig up. In the 4 day's I have skied there this season there have been no floaters. Yes by the end of the day, after 2PM you may want to be more careful but in the AM, the snow is in great shape.

I have also emailed this year telling them what an amazing job they have done with coverage. This year you step down onto the deck at the Summit Lodge, there is that much snow on the top.

Yes I did ski my rock skis last weekend, but the first weekend I skied the skis I bought last Feburary. I will be on my G3's this weekend. And may be AX3's on Sunday. Check out there web site.

Bonni, I know that some shops won't let there rentals out this early in the season.
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I'm constantly amazed by how much punishment the new skis can take with little to no damage. I've been using my P40 SLs for rock skis for a few years now, and they still look really good. Unless you see mud everywhere you look, I'd just use the 6 Stars.
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Max Capacity thanks for the update on Okemo conditions! I haven't skied at Okemo this year, and was relying on past experience. It sounds like mtn management has listened to your feed back.

Skis can take some punishing conditions with little harm. Maybe I'm just hard on equipment, but in boney conditions I have core shot the bases and taken edges out of skis which isn't a big deal on a pair of rentals or rock skis, but a major bummer on a new pair of skis.
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With the return of colder air I'm sure there will be lots of snow for the weekend, be it man made, it's still better then dirt, rocks and grass.

Check out the www.weather.com ,zip code 05149, snow for the weekend.
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Definately Rentals.

I too just bought a pair of 6*'s, I don't plan to take them out of the basement until January.

I'm guessing that there haven't been any snow storms in the NE within a reasonable driving distance from where you live, so I would worry that the snow depth isn't uniform. Snow making leaves big piles of snow that are spread by piston bullies to make a flat slop. Ledges have a tendancy to be high spots and the machine made snow fills the low spots as the groomer tries to flatten the slope. The ledges are all BFR (Big Flat Rocks) and chances are, if you go over one, you could rip a piece out of the bottom of your ski.

Not only that but rock have a tendancy to float to the top when the piston bullies churn up the snow, this small rocks also do a nice job of wrecking your bases.

Rentals it is.
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I skied on my good skis opening day at Killington and 2 weekends ago at Okemo with maybe one small line in my base that was probably from a death cookie.

I used to baby my skis and fill in every cut and line but now I figure what's the point.

If the bases get a good hit early season you just fix it or get a midseason base grind.

I was looking forward to skiing this weekend too but it looks like rain at most places even though the cold front is moving in.

This weather blows.
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