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Targhee anyone?

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Considering 4 day trip to Targhee next week. Anyone been recently or have April experience there? We'll be flying into SLC but my s.o. is from there and doesn't like the looks of lcc, pcmr, etc.
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Targhee's got 95" at the stake, 345" to date (it's been a low year).

Yesterday was a powder day with 9-14" of new.

The mountain is skiing well, the only chocolate chips I've seen are on the breakovers on Dreamweaver.

The areas in the trees to the left of Shadow Woman have burnt off. Lower Dreamweaver is starting to burn off.

Fred's is fine, no rocks except where they are expected in the Patrol and Instructors Chutes.

The PRT is slow - lots of pine needles and tar.

Cliff Bands off of Peaked are a little boney, but you can still pick your lines and not hit any rocks.

Bring Good Skis.

Weather will be so-so. Not Bluebird days, not powder days.

Won't be there to guide - we're off to St. Maarten for 10 days.

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