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2 try legend 8800 04/05 Ver. 05/06

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im new to this please let me know if im going about it wrong, im teachable. this is basicle a repost i have tryed to format it better.

male 48 5'11" 205lb ski eastern us. L.9 i am a comertial fisherman and have time of in winter so i get to ski mid week jay mrg. canon W cat S loaf stowe front 4 ect.
curintly on my ferst shaped ski 04/05 nordica top fuel nittos 178 marker M30-11 slid forwerd 1cm dend in at 8,9. and a lang comp 130 boot. before i skied 1973? 204cm rossi rock 650's w/look nevada heal and a marker toe. mounted 1" in frunt of forwerd mark. some of you must remember that setup.

I am looking for a softer ski (cap rather than box) hopefully for bumps and powder here in lies the problume.

I dont know enough about new skis and need some help.
1 how simaler are the 04/05 and 05/06 legend 8800.
2 if i go short for the bumps 174 will they stay up off pisst.
3 should i be thinking 3 dif setups?
thanks sam
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I might be wrong, but the Dynastar 8800 ski use a wood core sandwich construction. Seems to me that the this ski is great in powder, but it might be a bit wide for bumps. I weigh 150 lbs and use a 174 cm ski (I am 5' 10") - live in the westcoast. Someone that lives on the east coast could give advice on skis that are appropriate to east coast conditions. CMR
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One of the nicest soft skis I have owned in recent years is the Atomic Sweet Daddy. Very good ski for bumps and powder, and very lightweight. They spin on a dime.

For dedicated powder, I prefer a wider ski, but these are generally a bit clumsy in narrow/tight Eastern bumps in my opinion. The Sweet Daddy is a good compromise if you want to handle bumps and powder fairly well.

I have also been real pleased with the K2 Public Enemy in bumps and powder, and that would be worth demoing, though it might be slightly more radical to you! But it's a fun ski and does well on/off piste in my experience.

Good luck!
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thanks chaarlie sounds like i might wount to think about 178 or demowing the 174 I dont know how short i can go.
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skier 219 i will try and demo the sweet daddy next time i can. How long are your alomics.
thanks for the input
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I have the 181cm Sweet Daddys (I am 6'1" 185 lb). They go one size larger I believe, and a couple sizes smaller. You'd probably like the 181cm too. They ski shorter on groomed snow than a regular 181cm because the tip is long (and that helps them float up in powder).
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