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Hoping to get some help. I brought my Olin Selkirks in to get a tune and wax only to find out they are bent... I have been skiiing them for years and years and absolutely love them. I actually wore out some 191's then went to 185's and would buy some new ones if I could find them.
I am having a very difficult time with all the new stuff out there. I'm 55, about 265lbs. have been skiing 20 years, I'll try and ski what ever is downhill from me. I'de like to think I'm a pretty good skiier (not great) and am getting to old/cautious to try anything crazy. I'll have fun on the groomed and yet love to get off trail just a little. I ski Mt. Baker in WA most of the time so the snow can be light powder (and lots of it) or heavy, thick slush. I have been looking at the Volkl AC4's...?
I just hate the idea of spending a season trying demos, so I'm looking for a little help. Thanks