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Curious about gear

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Prowling the bargain bins for myself and Princess Tag. Local Sports Authority has a couple of K2 boards very cheap. Tried to do a little research on them, but cannot find anything on these two: K2 Viper (mens) and K2 Satori (W).

Wondering if anyone hear has heard of them. I'm guessing they are a 'private' model as K2 (and others) have made skis just for some of the big chains to sell, usually one of their base models with a different skin on it.

My local ski shop wants to sell me a K2 Zeppelin which looks nice - a bit more than I want to spend.

FYI: Me: old fart with just 4 days of snowboarding, 185 lbs, just looking for a basic board to cruise the groomers. No park, pipe or any of that other stuff - won't be doing this very much, so I don't want to spend $300 on a board (for that kinda dough, I'm better off renting).

Princess: 110lbs - out-growing her Burton Chopper. Solid intermediate, not a Park & Pipe person, doesn't like the steeps (yet).

Any thoughts from the riders out there?
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First, great to see you riding and posting here!

I don't know the two K2 boards you mention. Sports Authority as a chain was supposed to have omatic boards as part of their stock, and these are supposed to be pretty good among others and be priced inexpensively, so with the end of the season they may well be enough below 300 for you. http://www.porterstahoe.com/ is a great shop having a great sale right now, with very knowledgeable and helpful customer service. I'm not up on the smallest women's boards, but your daughter is getting to the size where she's ready for that. Bear in mind your, and the princess', boot size in looking at boards -- I'm guessing you may be 10 or larger, which means some of the narrower boards may not work for you. Happy shopping.
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Sports Authority does a great job of making cheap gear available to the public. For what you're getting, it's usually a pretty good deal. But if you have to ask if it's any good, that's a clue you ought to be shopping from other sources. I have a list of online stores on my web site if you want to surf. Several of these sites have 800 numbers and real live people you can talk to.
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Thanks, Rusty. Some good bargains there!
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