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to lunch, or not to lunch. . .

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anyone read the article in the current issue of ski magazine debating the merits and lunancy of a leisurly lunch on a gorgeous spring day?

web page
web page

i don't know if those links to the pro and con articles will work (first time trying to insert a link -sorry!)

any bears want to weigh in?
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Completely depends on the day. If I am not tired or have to bail early or conditions are just too good, I will not go in.
If it is really cold out it may not be an option, sometimes you just have to go in.
On a spring day nothing like catching some sun on the deck to give legs some rest after skiing bumps all day.
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i think i see how this works.

one more try: www.skimag.com/article/skilife.cfm?alias_id=10541

sorry guys! :

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Try edit feature. It is really cool too : .
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very good tip!. . .thanks!
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Real skiers don't eat lunch.

Sides, if you skip lunch, you can get to the deck and drink beers that much sooner....
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I have found that as my number of days on the mountain increases - I may get as high as 60 this year - that I take lunch more often.

A couple years ago, I would be out all day irrespective of the conditions. Frozen, rain, 0 visibility, etc.

Now, I no longer feel that motivated. But... if it is a powder day, I'm on from first chair to last chair.
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Since I don't get to ski that often, I eat energy bars on the lift and ski through lunch almost every ski day I have. I have to maximize my skiing time.

Occasionally, depending on who I ski with, I will stop for a quick lunch, more for social reasons than for anything else.

If I skiied a lot more I would probably be more apt to stop for lunch. But, until I move to the mountains, it's Cliff bars on the lift for me.
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Lunch is almost always out of the back pack. One thermos for hot drinks, one for homemade soup or stew, and an assortment of snacks. Any time a warm up is needed or hunger strikes, its there. Many envious looks come from others in the gondola. Besides, we can make better food, way cheaper than the overpriced crap at most hills. And who needs to sit in a steamy, crowded lodge, juggling gear, lunch trays, and fighting for space? Our favourite place to picnic is just off the run in the shelter of a snow-covered tree to watch the world go by.
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I think this fellow has it wrapped. http://www.skimag.com/article/inmyview.cfm
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Totally agree with the "non" lunch gang to the point of eating at the resort. After gas, the day off work, lift tickets etc, etc... Who has the money for over priced cafeteria grub? We will pack the cooler and leave it in the truck, and or just munch on the chairs on the way up. I try to keep my downtime well....down. I don't drive 3hrs each way to sit in a bar or cafe.
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i'm usually burn soooo much energy skiing during the morning (always catch first lift) that i have to eat like it or not! or i won't make it till lifts close.

any ways, i always bring a bag lunch. usually a liter of water, sandwich or 2, and some nurtigrain bars. 15 minutes is usually enough to repower the body before finishing the day out
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I think it has to do with how much you can get out on the hill.

The past 2 seasons, I've only had about 15 days of skiing, so I'm more likely to stay out all day, or just pop in for a very quick bite. But if I'm getting 35 or more days a year (my average), then I'm more willing to take a longer lunch or not stay out if the conditions aren't as good.

Back when I was getting 100+ days a season, I sometimes didn't even ski on my days off. Once I went bowling and to a movie with my roomies. But more often than not, I'd ski for about 4 or 5 hours, taking breaks, hanging out and chatting with friends on the hill. Of course, if there was pow, all bets were off.
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Usually, I try to resist stopping for ANY reason until it becomes compelling. Lunch is taken, when compelling, at the car. Great thng about Smugglers' Notch: They have an "upper parking lot". You park there, ski down to the lift, ride the lift to the top, ski back to your car. Very handy for ski demo purposes and grabbing a quick lunch. My first line of defense against hunger is eating an energy bar in the liftline. Then, when my body can't stand it anymore, a quick stop at the car finishes the job. My metabolism and medical needs [pills that must be taken with food] are such that I almost never skip lunch totally, but it's a quick lunch, maybe a can of Boost and a bagle.
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guys, i'm not talking the utilitarian eat cause your body needs to. the question was more about if anyone finds it PART of the skiing experience (in the spring only) to pay tribute to the sun god so to speak, and take the time to eat at the top of the mountain (if applicable) and eat outside, reveling in the glory of all that is good, contemplating a season of good turns, and in general taking a moment to BE at the top of the mountain. . . . that is, before you get back out there and tear it up!

read this (if you didn't before) www.skimag.com/article/skilife.cfm?alias_id=10542

also, i'm not saying i always advocate this mindset (depending on circumstances) . . . . .just thought it would spark a good healthy bears debate! and perhaps some will find it a new 'performance enhancer'!

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Lunch? I usually down a six pack of malt liquor, have a couple of smokes then go try and find a couple of snowboarders to kick the crap out of. :
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. . . talk about performance enhancer!
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