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Of stoves and cats

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It's always something at our house. This is kinda funny, kinda not, but true nonetheless.

Yesterday I'm in the kitchen on the opposite side of the room from the stove, and Mr. Biscuit, our wonderfully human feline, decides to hop up onto the gas stove to get an eyeful of the birds who are starting to flock around the house.

He misses the top, his rear paw scrambles for purchase, flicks on the rear burner.......click click click click.......which actually STARTS with a POOF!, and the flames catch him right under the chest!:

Exiting with great grace and flair, he speeds off into the living room leaving a scent of burnt fur in the air. Not knowing if he's actually ablaze, I hobble off at maximum speed myself and find him wide eyed in the middle of the floor hunkered down with a look of panic on his face, as much as a cat can have that look. Since he's nearly human, he manages quite nicely.

(Who, me?)

Later in the afternoon, I decide to move some things around in the kitchen to grant safe access to the window next to the stove. If they're going to be bird watching on that end of the house, then I don't want the house to burn down while we're out! There's a small table under the window just for them.:

While fixing dinner, I see Mr. Biscuit on the table bird watching, and I'm feeling more secure about the situation. Evidently he is still on guard, and in the next moment he faces the offending burner, swats at it with lightning speed several times with one paw a few times to make sure it's dead, and goes on with his bird study!

Who says you can't train a cat?:
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YIKES!! Glad he's OK. Too funny that he sought revenge on the burner after the fact.

For such dignified animals (in their own minds), cats can get themselves in to the dumbest situations. Mine once miscalculated how much forward trajectory she'd need to jump out from under the coffee table and on to my couch. WHAM went her little head on the underside of the table edge. Being the sweet, caring cat owner I am, I busted out laughing and then went to grab her to see if she was OK (no little birdies flying around her head). She'd already taken refuge under my desk across the room, as if to say, "Wasn't me. I didn't do that. Wasn't anywhere near that table."
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So, do cats.......

....really taste like chicken?

too funny!
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ROTFLMAO! Great Story.

I had an Abyssinian Cat that loved to sleep on top of the low wall between the living room and the stairway down to the front door of a split entry house. One evening I heard this scrabbling sound from the top of the rail. I looked and saw just two front paws madly scrambling to stay on top. Then they disappeared and WHOMP I heard the cat hit the floor. Dumb cat had fallen asleep then rolled over and off the rail. He walked up the stairway and back into the living room with a dignified look of, "I meant to do that."

Same cat. Heard a splash in the bathroom. Out comes the cat take a step hold out a leg and shake the water off. Take a step hold out another leg, shake the water off, etc. etc. etc. Damn cat had fallen into the commode! DUH!
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Shake shake shake
shake shake shake
shake your paw, cat
shake your paw, cat!

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