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It's worth mentioning...

For most people who need a real-truck based SUV, pretty much any of the "real-truck" SUVs will work, including the tahoes, the Explorers, the Pathfinders, etc...

However, when you need to tow a serious trailer, and I mean a loaded class III or IV trailer, accept no substitutes...

You need full sized American Grunt.
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OOPS, Daimler Chrysler, pronounced DAIMLER, the Chrysler is silent.

BTW, after 40+ years in the repair business. I've always thought "Rover" was the most appropriate name for that vehicle.(maybe Spot or Bowser?)

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Slatz, Which truck would you buy between the Chevy Silverado and Toyota's Tundra.
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We had a '96 Yukon. Had no problems with it. It was a great ski mobile. For business reasons replaced it with a 3/4 Crew Cab. Great for family use too. Can put the dog (Bull Mastiff) in the back and keep the dog smell and drool out of the cab. Most importantly I don't end up trashing the cargo area any more. Gas cans, chain saws, lumber etc all stay in the bed.
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Nothing wrong with these GMs. It does make
sense to match the job you have to do to the
vehicle you purchase; but, beyond that, simply go for the best dollar value you can find. That's my philosophy with skiis, too,
and it's worked well for longer than most of
you out there have been alive.

But what the hell do I know? I eat beef,
wear leather and mostly commute via Harley-Davidson until the snow falls, then it's
a Jeep Wrangler and an old set of Volkls.
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A freind of mine just got a Tundra. It's a very nice truck. I grew up on GM, switched to Dodge because their big van is the easiest to work on and runs forever(just never quite right ). I've never been a big fan of that Chevy V8 from a durability standpoint.(my 94 RAM 250 has 230,000 on it with only a t-chain&w-pump)
I guess I'd go with the Tundra. Toyota has a great reliability record.
Interesting note:NASCAR wouldn't let them run the Tundra in Craftsman Truck because the engine is not a "pushrod" engine. It's an OHC.
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I saw an article in the local paper within the last month or so that said that the State of Maine just returned their fleet of Dodge pickups to Dodge/Benz. It said that the trucks were braking down too frequently under the use by the Fish & Game Wardens on the logging roads. The state is now buying only GM or Ford.
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I've heard the auto trans doesn't hold up if you don't service them regularly per the book. Other than that I haven't heard of any problems. I change the ATF regularly and have had no problem. The fuel pump went out about 200K but it warned me ahead of time.
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