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Ski Swaps

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Well I managed to unload some of my older gear at the Vancouver ski swap. It never fails, somehow between the Vancouver and Whistler swap, I somehow managed to pickup a couple more pairs of skis (Crossmax10 for the wife and Atomic 11.20 for me) There somehow always seems to be some hard to pass up deals

Well I did manage to unload more than I picked up so that's a good thing!

I'm always amazed at all the old gear that manages to make it to the swaps and even more amazed how many people buy it up. I guess not everyone is a gearhead like me, thank god! Or else I would never be able to sell off my old stuff [img]smile.gif[/img]

For me the shorter length skis (160-170) are what I look at. And those are the ones that seem to sell out first (new or used). I often wonder why the stores don't clue in when they look at their stack of 190's left over at the end of the year, why they don't stock up more on the shorter lengths.

I'm good to go now, just need some snow. Damn! It's been a pretty dry fall in the PNW this year.
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Bad boy, tempting me this way! If there's one . . . just one . . . more pair of skis I'd latch onto, it's the Crossmax 10 Pilot in 170. And it's true . . . if you're a BIG guy who likes LONG skis, they are THERE! The shorter lengths are in shorter supply. My saving grace is that I MUST feel that I got a great deal. . . like my Rossi Bandit XX's new in the plastic for $350.
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Try this on for size: Crossmax10 Pilot w 912Ti bindings $372US. Atomic 11.20 w 412 bindings $438US. All brand new of course!How's that for a sweet deal?

There were even brand new Crossmax9 pilot with bindings for $309US, the short lengths were gone w/in the first couple hours!

How's a person supposed to resist?
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I hate you. Really, I hate you.
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You gotta love ski swaps !!!

I will agree that the 150 - 175 range of skis for both males and females disappears at the speed of light.

Great place for rock skis and loaners for the occasional houseguest at the house!

Got a pair of 188 K2 Merlin 6 with Salomon demo bindings

If you get a chance it's a wise idea to check out the local shops the week prior to the swap, as here in Ontario at least six shops are flogging last years new, demos and god knows what else. Just ask what they are sending to the swap. Found my daughter a set of new unmounted Dynastar Venus 9's with Look Venus 7 bindings for $160 (100 US)

My latest is a new pair (2000-2001) Nordica K9.1 Sl (185) for 100 Cdn. two weeks ago. Sporting goods store clearout

I still like longer shaped skis and boy what a treasuretrove of skis in the 185 to 195 sizes at the swap
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I wanted to get rid of some of our "overstock", so I hurriedly threw two pair of skis in the truck.

I was running late so I told my 12 year old to mark them at $65 for my 9s Rossis and $45 for his.

He, on his own, marked them at $100 since he thought that I was asking too little. When I emerged from our instructors meeting, I found that his sold while mine didn't. Heck, I only paid $50 for those skis last year.

Hope the guy that bought em' doesn't see this post.
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For the california folks... tommorrow, Sunday is the ski swap for the sacramento area. Its in the gym at Sac. State.

Next week the swap will be in the highschool gym at San Ramon swap. That is the last major swap of the season so all the shops are ditching gear. We for one will be blowing out our gear. Come bye!
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We hit the swap in Vail yesteday and were able to outfit the Skicrazy twins for about $200 each (boots, skis and bindings). There was a huge difference in pricing, depending on who was selling what. The same pair of Nordica W5.2 boots (new) were priced at $169 or $50. Guess which pair came home with us.

I spoke to Buzz Schleper (Saras dad), and the owner of Buzz's Boots and Boards/ Buzz's Ski Shop. He felt that the attendance was way off from previous years. This may mean that discounted equipment will be VERY reasonable at the end of this season and into next fall.

I picked up a pair of Volant T3 Powers with bindings (demos) last Sunday that look like they are brand new for $225. Ski Base in Vail is selling all of their demos for $250 a pair. This may be the year to upgrade!
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...pair of mounted but unused Volkl P40 F1 energyRails in a 183 with marker MRR Turbo SC bindings went at our swap this weekend for...get this....$75...sold within 15 min of the guy bringing the skis in.

ALso, pair of once used Tecnica Icon TNT from last season...size 10.5...$35....

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I dunno about you:

But no 11.20's with bindings at the Sacramento Ski Swap. A bunch of crap IMHO...lots of long skis, junk skis, junk boots, junk bindings, junk clothes, and junk poles. Some skis from last year, mostly 190's in slow-moving styles that nobody bought. I swear more than half the stuff was at the same show last year.

And poorly advertised and organized. No signs on the campus directing where "yosemite hall" or "north gym" was. Hey get a clue....some of us don't go to your college....we work for a living. The vendors (ski resorts and stuff) were situated in the checkout line, so that they only got traffic towards when people were ready to head on out. Needless to say, the vendors were nearly gone by noon. I think most of the gear goes to other locations with more ski shops...up in truckee/reno/south lake area. But the stuff doesn't come here. Oh well.

No great loss. it was only 5 bucks. and I did get a couple candy bars.
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