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My doctor diagnosed me with Inguinal Hernia about 3 yrs back. a number of people i spoke with said - that once you get it operated - the area becomes weak and it keeps tearing and you have keep going back for repeat operations.

so I have been postponing the inevitable as long as I can. since january - i have been attending a spinning class - and it looks like my hernia has
gotten worse. meaning that i can feel a "slight discomfort" throughout the day. it is not even a "Pain" just a "slight discomfort"

question is how much longer can i postpone it. how badly should it hurt me
before i give in to surgery. I am planning to go on a week long biking trip ( 30 miles a day) in june. If i can get past it - and get the surgery done in july august - can i be back in shape for the next ski season?

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Unless something goes wrong, you should easily be back in time for ski season. I had similar surgery on September 22nd this past year and was skiing again by Thanksgiving weekend.

I went to the doc 'cause I was having knee trouble and the hernia issue. After the MRI and ultrasound, he said both needed work and that I could chose the order of surgery. I chose to have my knee cleaned out first to allow for additional recovery time for the knee and delayed the hernia sugery.

From everything I have been told, the repaired area (where they put in the "screen") is actually stronger than it was before.

Thus far, I have not had any trouble with either repair. As always YMMV

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Sorry for the commercial but my husband, Joseph Tripodi, who is a member of epicski sent me this since it is something I am knowledgeable about.

I work for WL Gore the same company that makes the jackets and clothing. I happen to be in the division that manufactures hernia patches. Hernia surgery is elective surgery unless there is a complication like incarceration or strangulation of the intestines then things get more urgent. It sounds like this is something you have been following with your doctor and you should be able to have it repaired when you feel you are ready and your doctor thinks is advisable. There is a lot of discussion going on in the news about complications with hernia products and litigation due to products being recalled. I am subjective and believe that Gore has some of the safest products available. I would suggest you do some research because there are new technologies available today other than mesh or "screen". Gore has a new absorbable hernia plug that is put into the defect in the tissue that causes the herniation. After this plug is placed a soft mesh is put on top to provide a long term repair. The plug gets absorbed by the body slowly and converts to type 1 collagen and the plug is gone completely in 6 months. What has been reported is that patients have less pain and get back to work and other activities faster. There are two other plugs on the market but they are permanentt polypropylene and have been reported to cause pain and migrate.

You can go into http://www.goremedical.com/herniaplug/index and do research into the hernia products that we make. The other major companies are Davol ( http://www.davol.com/HTMLFiles/Hernia/HerniaSplash.html ) and Ethicon ( http://www.herniasolutions.com )for both mesh and plugs.

If you would like reccomendations for surgeons I would be happy to research someone in your area. Good luck.
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yes - please send me a list of surgeons who are familiar with plugs. also
if you have access to any studies that show how effective it is or what the failure rates might be - I would be very interested. please pm me.

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Originally Posted by Marty View Post
My doctor diagnosed me with Inguinal Hernia about 3 yrs back. a number of people i spoke with said - that once you get it operated - the area becomes weak and it keeps tearing and you have keep going back for repeat operations.
The area is already weak - you have a hernia! Get it fixed. Your number of people are not accurate - it's actually stronger after the repair. You'll need to take it easy for a couple months, but then you'll be fine. They are much less invasive than when I had mine done (2nd one - first in 1972) in 1990. It will never just "get better", so do it. If you hold off, you risk more serious issues.
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You might find some useful information here, http://www.shouldice.com/
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my husband had double hernia repair, said it was not as bad as all the horror stories he heard, was back skiing this season no problem. He
was very glad he finally had it fixed, had put it off too long.
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if it gets bad enough, part of the intestine can get through and the hernia cuts off blood supply and kills tissue. (strangulated hernia) that needs immediate surgery.
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