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HELP-Skiing Vail,A-Basin,Loveland April 17-23

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Looking for some advice. I have a conference in San Francisco April 12 – 17. Looking to go skiing on my way home. Vail’s open until April 22. Looking to ski April 13 – 22 (23?) Looking for advice on lodging, performance rentals (I’ll bring my boots ), places to eat, etc. I’m also thinking maybe some skiing at A Basin and/or Loveland.

Any advice will be appreciated.
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Just a clarification. You're in SF 4/12-4/17. Then you mention skiing in CO 4/13-4/23. Little bit of a long commute no?
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If you're thinking Vail and A-Basin and Loveland, you might want to look for lodging in the Silverthorne/Frisco region. It's probably slightly more affordable than staying in Vail (although there are some places in Vail with very reasonable rates during April) or Breckenridge. Once you decide where you want to stay, sorting out rental shops and restaurants becomes a bit eaiser. Good luck (and send snow--we need it!)!
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Ooooopps! The conference in San Francisco is April 12 -17, plan on skiing April 18 - 22(23?). Sorry.
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Thanks for your suggestion regarding the Silverthorne/Frisco area. I'm open to any suggestions regarding where to stay/eat/rent gear. As an eastern instructor I rearely get a chance to ski away from my home mountain and I've never skied in Colorado. Therefore any advice that you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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If you like Mexican, go to Fiesta Jalisco in Frisco (on the west end of Main Street). Also, in Dillon, make sure you go to the Dillon Dam Brewery. Great food, even better atmosphere.

You should definitely hit A-Basin and Loveland... they'll have the best snow in the area.
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The Days Inn in Silverthorne has some pretty respectable rates ($60-70) for the time frame you're looking at. It's very good access to I-70 which is the main drag to Vail and Beaver Creek (westbound) and Loveland (eastbound). If memory serves me, the Days Inn also offers a good complimentary breakfast. Dillon & Silverthorne have lots of good decent restaurants--I also like the Arapahoe Cafe in Dillon as they have a special almost every night for around $5-7. There are several rental shops right in the Dillon/Silverthorne area too, so this could be a good 'hub' for you.
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Thanks for the info. It looks like you've had some new snow out there. Yesterday it was in the 80's in NJ.:
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i'd might even try staying at the keystone resort. its 5 minutes from abasin and just a drive over the pass to loveland. that late in the season,
everyone is looking for guests. unless you really want to stay at vail, i'd stay around frisco and silverthorne. from there its 10 miles or less to breckenridge, keystone, copper, abasin and loveland. id look online snow.com or just search yahoo travel. all prices should be great for you and you should have plenty of options.

i would recommend the breckenridge brewery and downstairs at erics and ullrs in breck.'
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Thanks for your help. I just found out that Breckenridge is still open. Got a great rate at the Marriott in Breckenridge, my daughter works for them. It looks like I can ski there, Vail, A-Basin and Loveland. It looks like it's a little bit of a drive between areas. But I'm used to that, I live 2 1/2 hrs. from my home mountain. Thanks for your help! Any other advise that you, or anyone else can provide relative to eating, rentals etc. will be greatly appreciated.

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good job ! i would have recommended breck as the best skitown to stay in, but it didnt look like that's what you where looking for.
i'd expect about a 40 minute drive to vail and 20 to loveland, but you should have icy roads or crowds to deal with that late, so it should be easy drives.
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Harry Dunn and skicougar

Thanks for your help. I'm still trying to figure out where to rent skis out there. Any ideas?
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Virgin Island rentals in Silverthorne.
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