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8800 04/05 ver. 05/06

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hi all, new to barking bear if thread alredy exest please direct me.
? is there a diferince betwen the 04/05 and 05/06 8800 other than the grafix on top sheet, and mounting isues. older might wount to be 1.5 back for pow. i ski eastern mid week, jay canon stowe frunt 4 wild cat mad river, the loaf sadel back, ect courentle on 04/05 nordica nitrus 178 forwerd 1cm. love um! im 48 5'11 200lb looking for somthing less stiff (cap tip tall apposed to full box) for tight bumps, deep pow we do get some and out side. now i slide back -1 from my +1 seting and its seaming dumb i should jest center um and leve it. i digress im thinking 174 or 168. any input year differince is 168 for tight bumps to short for the glads and powder if i set them back 1 to 1.5
thanks sam
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No diff. Skied the 04/05 in a 178 all last season - 50 days in Tahoe. Dont go less than a 178 for you as an everyday ski. It is very versatile and makes small to large turns easily - skids well in steeps...
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