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Killington basics, tips, etc., early April trip

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Any tips for first visit to Killington, midweek early April? I searched and found plenty of advice here re lodging; but not so much re (1) lift ticket discounts, or (2) more important, how to make the most of a quick visit.

We've got two days; skiers all are comfortable in steeps, ungroomed, and all but the nastiest frozen moguls; enjoy skiing soft spring bumps; but don't especially like jumping off cliffs and may not be the fastest ones down the double black bump runs. At Sugarbush and MRG we enjoyed the terrain off Castlerock and the single chair lift but some of it was over our head.

So I assume we want to spend time on Bear Mtn and Skye Peak (Superstar) ... what else?

I found the two threads linked below. Wonder if anyone has additional, different, or more current info.


PS - Unfortunately we'll be missing the bump phest by a day but that's the schedule we're locked into.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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One approach is to start at Snowdon and move to Bear. You are going to want to explore a bit and find the best conditions and stuff you want to ski. You can even start at Ramshead (the run under the chair is nice for practice and warm ups). Snowshed is the beginner area (which you might want to skip). Killingto is big but it's not too hard to get around.

What there is to ski will depend a lot on conditions. This kind of means that specific advice won't be very useful. I hope you like spring skiing (I do).

Killington is big but it's not too hard to get around.

I like Snowden a lot (Northstar, Great Bear, Wanderer: "easy" bump runs, but it's quite likely some of these won't be open).

There's also good stuff off of Needles Eye. And also Canyon.
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We will be there 4/1 and maybe 4/2 depending on what looks best.
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Phil - we'd arrive @ 11 am on 4/2 - let me know if you decide to stay over that day and want to ski a few runs.
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How many days?

On their site, you'll find internet discounts for 3 days or more lift tickets.

Or, just call them up on the reservation to see what kind of lodging+lift deal you can score. I would imagine this late in the season, there should be lots of discounts on lodging.

It's a bit short notice. Otherwise, I got a couple discount coupons I could send you. Here in New York City, we got the pick of our choice because many, many people got comp tickets during the no-snow period of the season and they can't give them away fast enough.
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at_nyc: two days, so the multi day tix aren't an option.

I think what I'm going to do is just call the reservation desks and a few different inns, etc. at the last minute on the way up to find deals at Killington or Sugarbush. I have to drive up to Rutland Monday a.m. to pick up something up at a shop there, but I'm still on the fence whether to keep going to Sugarbush or check out Killington.

From www.killingtonzone.com my sense is that conditions at K are really slipping. "Meltdown" and "decimation" seem to be the key words there -- lots of chatter that since the sale K hasn't done the kind of snowmaking and grooming this year that they've usually done to build up the great spring skiing rep.

On the other hand Sugarbush seems to have built a better base this year to showcase the Lincoln Peak development, they were was 100% open til yesterday I think, and I know my way around. So maybe the extra hour's drive is worth it.

PS, njkayaker, thanks for the info.
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We might look to Mt. Snow for Monday.
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Phil - and anyone at K over the weekend - if you have a chance Sunday night to post condition report I'd really appreciate it.
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Killington is probably pretty skied off by now I'm up there every weekend. I haven't been there since sunday which was pretty amazing cuz we got 5 inches. But, saturday was looking scary. Tons of green and brown all over the place despite getting 33 inches the weekend before.
Bring your bump skis and stay on Outer Limits all day. Needles eye and Super Star for variation. Possibly the canyon area may be nice, Cascade and escapade. Although escapade was closed sunday for unknown reasons it was covered with nice bumps! Happy hour go to charities and have a Goombay Smash with us. We are the ones putting tobasco in it.
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Thanks ski=free.

FWIW, here's what's scaring me off K right now, look at these pics: http://www.killingtonzone.com/forums...ic.php?t=16435

Sad thing is it looks like snow could hit later next week but I'm there earlier.
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Wow, I don't know what makes me feel worse the pictures of the narrative. I'm pretty sure this will be my last weekend up there unless we get a storm. I'm bummed. If I ski until monday I'll have 38 days on the season which is an all time for me. It was a great year but I have a lot of skiing left in me. I guess I'll have to do Tucks!
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Seems like the bitch about conditions threads can take on a life of their own. Recent posts in the "bump phest" thread are more encouraging.

Either way, if K's your mountain then you'll make the most of it and have a great time this weekend. I know in January I was skiing near dirt conditions and loving it ... these are the last few days of the season and we ought to enjoy them regardless.
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My father in law was there yesterday and said it was much better than he expected. I am looking forward to a great weekend for bumpfest.
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I will be skiing K-Ton on the 3rd of April (Tuesday) with a friend (anyone who wants to meet on hill let me know).

Your options of where to ski will be limited by open terrain (forget natural snow/ trees by next week).

For the most part-you won't trouble finding the best open terrain (it doesn't ski all that big especially with only 50 percent of the trails open)-and mid week april should be delightfully uncrowded!

Have fun-PM me if you want to meet.

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Looking like Sugarbush after all. Rain coming in tonight makes me nervous; no telling but seems like all the reports indicate colder temps and less rainfall further north. So it goes, not my year for Killington after all.
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