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Accident at Okemo

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I understand a teenage girl from Chappaqua died at Okemo last Saturday after hitting a tree and trail sign. This is an awful situation - we know someone whose daughter goes to school with the girl, and obviously everyone who knew her is devastated. Just wondering if anyone was up there this weekend and has any reliable information on exactly what happened.
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O no

Is there any articles on it?

I wonder what part of the mountain it was on.
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I found two articles.

It happened on Defiance.

Article 1

Article 2
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Impressively quick searching, Scalce. I saw the AP story, but not the local one. I guess the real unanswered questions here are: Was she wearing a helmet? And did leave the trail (Defiance, a relatively tame black diamond) for the trees on purpose, or was the whole thing an accident? In speaking to people in Chappaqua, many of whom are skiers, there apparently isn't a lot of information about the tragedy beyond the news reports. I gather Max Capacity is an ambassador at Okemo, so maybe he'll have some more specific details when he checks in.
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Defiance is tame for most people but can be hairy for a beginner to intermediate where it curves and the falline changes.

I bet that is where it happened.
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It happened at the bottom of Defiance, where there is small cluster of trees where the trail divides. Both the trail, and the two offshoots, are very wide, so it was not a question of being pressed for room. The conclusion drawn by most of the people I spoke to was that she must have been going at a geat rate of speed, to hit those trees with such shocking force.
The efforts of the lift attendents (it was near the top of the Sachem lift), and particularly the ski patrol, in their response time, in their efforts to keep the girl alive while sledding her down the mountain, were nothing short of heroic.
Still, it's a tragedy that saddens everybody at the mountain, and everyone that loves this sport.
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I hate it when things like this happen. It's painful to see. Whenever I see a story like this, it feels very personally relevant and painful to me, as a skier and a young person (18). I can't imagine what it must be like for the friends and family, and it makes me cringe just imagining something like this happening to one of my friends or family members. Sad.
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Yes, agreed.
The girl who died at Wachusetts early in the season was 18; the one who died at Belleayre on the MLK Holiday was 18, and now this girl who died at Okemo was 15.
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Truly sad story ... just young kids out there enjoying the sport we all love. I guess these are just harsh reminders that regardless of skill level, skiing is just a dangerous sport and that every rider should take every safety precaution available, starting with a helmet.

Prayers go out to her friends and family.

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There was a fatality at Fernie in past weeks also , 29 yr. old local gal that was considered to be an expert skier capable of handling most anything the mountain had. Lost one ski and shortly after I understand the second ski on a run called Big Bang and slid into the trees , very sad as she was a wife and mother to a young daughter. They were all to young , my thoughts go out to the families .
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And a 33 year old woman from Massachusetts died skiing at Jackson Hole during the last week of January; lost a ski, went off the trail, hit a tree.

But it's the deaths of the teenagers that takes the light out of the day, for me.
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And I just read a 38 y.o. woman died from head inujuries following a collision with another skier at Sunday River this past Thursday. Neither skier was wearing a helmet.
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According to the newspaper article about the Sunday River incident, the woman who died 'collided' with a teenage boy, who was not injured.

Any chance he was a snowboarder, and hit her in the head with his board?
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Hugo has it correct.

I have just returned from my 12 day vacation.

I happened to be at First Aid around 11:10AM Feb. 14th when they brought the girl down on the sled. Everyone at Okemo was deeply sadend by this event. It's not my place to say much about what happened.

We all take a risk when we do any sport, it's up to each person to make the right choices. Some things are out of our control. I don't believe it's clear if a helmet would have help this girl or some of the others mentioned here or not.
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Originally posted by Damato:
And I just read a 38 y.o. woman died from head inujuries following a collision with another skier at Sunday River this past Thursday. Neither skier was wearing a helmet.
yep, some 16 year old skier flew into her. She was my roomies aunt.
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