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Does anyone have an 05/06 Atomic brochure that includes their junior boots? I'm trying to verify flex on a pair of MX:9 junior race boots and figure out how they compare to the 06/07s. They seem to have had MX:9 and MX:11 last year with MJ 70 and MJ 90s this year. Are the MX:9s more like the MJ 70 or the 90?

We have to buy from out of the area (no one stocks good junior boots and race day was a long time and a few sizes ago) and that makes it difficult to verify the flex. Our daughter is a 3rd year racer and pretty aggressive, but I don't want to put her into something too stiff for her 4' 10", 85 lb, 10 year old frame...

Thanks for any help you can offer!