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I'm absorbing lots of good stuff from the multiple threads on waxing... thanks!

One thing I haven't been able to find via searches is a clear stepwise primer on HOTSCRAPING. What I have been able to read between the lines is that this is an approach to cleaning the base... sometimes used as an alternative to chemical solvent cleaners. Not everyone thinks this is always needed. Some advise when switching to different wax.

If I've got that right so far, could one of you wax wizards humor me with a brief how-to or don't-do? I'm assuming melt on wax and then scrape off immediately before it has chance to cool, per usual. Sort of a "facial peel" that lifts up dirt and old wax? Or....??
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If you wait too long, it'll be like the body hair removal/waxing scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin. :

The soft, warm wax pulls out debris. I feel like using base cleaner breaks up and removes old wax and debris better, followed by a hot scrape. Also, when using colder, harder base prep waxes it seems counter-intuitive to put them over softer wax typically used while hot scraping.

Check out the controversial Cleaning Bases? thread. :
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Thanks, Alpinord.

Didn't mean to open old wounds... as opposed to pores in ski bases. Wouldn't probably have asked, had I stumbled onto that thread laying out the debate quite clearly. Alas, I searched using the modern one-word construction of "hotscraping" seen in some recent posts, whereas way back last November folks were using the Old English form of "hot scraping."

Had to laugh at this rejoinder from that earlier thread...

Half of what I have learned about ski tuning is no doubt crap, but like everything else I've learned in life, I don't know which half.
Well, I won't take sides in this one... but will say that my bottle of Citrus Base Cleaner arrived today from SlideWright... and I don't plan to send it back!
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Even if you hot scrape, or hotscrape skis regularly, there still is a need for wax cleaner in my opinion. I use it to clean the tools, etc. even if I don't use it on the ski bottoms.
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In the latest Swix alpine wax manual, page 49 it says: " An important method for cleaning the bases on alpine skis and showboards is to use wax instead of solvents". It then describes the method.

If you don't have this little booklet, get it: $4 and worth every penny.
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I have found times when hotscraping makes one heck of a mess. For example, we recently had some serious spring snow and all sorts of crap like oil had come up to the surface of the snow. The skis bases were unbelievably sticky. I figured I'd hotscrape and put a fresh coat of wax on. But the hotwaxing made everything worse. Like it mixed and melted together leaving me with a super sticky mess. Yuk. Base cleaner fixed the problem in about 30 seconds.
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Ditto that for me -- in the spring, I have to use base cleaner. The snow was looking dam dirty last week.
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Usually I use diluted Simple Green to clean my bases. This weekend my daughter, whose bases are white, skied through some muck that the simple green would not take off so for the first time ever I hot scraped and could not believe what a good job it did cleaning the bases. The wax coming off looked like coffee grounds and the bases were white as new. I am converted to the discipline of the hot scrape.
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