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I'm human again! (or was I ever?)

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This morning was a great one! I am no longer BIONIC!

At about 10:30 am, I was wheeled into a very cool (temp-wise) operating room, where the hardware installed that fateful day (11/11/05) was finally removed.

Plugged into an array of devices, punctured with countless needles and tubes, and suddenly the world was gone.

I was told the procedure only took about 35 minutes, and went really smoothly. You couldn't prove it by me, as the clock said 12:07 when I came to.

Catnapping until about 2pm, the general anesthetic wore off, and the emptiness in my stomach became paramount... FEED ME! They tried to feed me some water and graham crackers.... When they caught me on my cell phone about to order a pizza to be delivered, they relented and brought me a TURKEY SANDWICH. (Those who were visiting me after the previous surgery may remember the humor of this)

Just as with the original surgery, there is no significant pain, just a little stiffness where they re-opened the primary incision to remove the rod... My leg gave birth to a 15" x 1/2" titanium rod, and 4 screws about 2.5" long.

But they did issue me a very large bottle of Percoset, just in case.... (hmmm, what is the street value...) JOKING!!!!

So, I'm back at my friend's house, where I have been staying the past couple of weeks, enjoying a very nice PB + J sandwich, in preparation of a nice dinner out tonight! Yes, just like Tom Burch, I believe in pre-eating....

Now I get to hang around Vail for the next 4 days or so, tuning all my skis for summer storage, and hopefully meeting up with those early arrivals for LGC3 for some dinner, good wine, and stories of the season.....

Then it's back to Houston.... (uuugggghhhh), and getting back into the friendly skies!

I would like to thank cgeib, egeib, lgeib Jason, madmike, bong, and skier31 for coming out and skiing yesterday, and vail pilgrim for joining us for dinner. (Mike/Jason- you should have been there for the kiwi marg's... I had to drink them all by myself! )

It was a special day for me, for a multitude of reasons.

I hope to see a bunch of you this week at LGC3!!!
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Thats a disgusting amount of metal in your leg. Pizza delivered to public places always provides entertainment, a hospital would be even better, to bad they caught you. Glad you're ok.
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Welcome back among us mere mortals! Glad things went so smoothly!
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na na na na na na na na na na na na na...
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Kiwi Margs!

Yum! Sounds like you went to the Mexican place in Minturn. (forgotten its name but have a photo of Tom Burch and I looking somewhat bleary after several margaritas there!)

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Will you still set off airport security alarms?

Planning is well advanced for our 07/08 caravanserai to the US and will seek your views in due course.
Best regards from Oz ( where it is getting colder-yay!)
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Hey VSP,

Glad to hear that everything went off this morning without a hitch!!!

It was great to ski with you (and the gang) again yesterday! Especially since you completed all your left turns I'm glad nothing broke yesterday, and I think it's clear it wasn't my fault! ...so, I'm back to blaming Weems:
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Originally Posted by vail snopro View Post
Yes, just like Tom Burch, I believe in pre-eating....
But to Tom "pre-eating" is a side of one of the cattle he raises.

You and Tom are twins this season-you both had metal removed.

Hmm, haven't done my year end review with Tom yet-maybe I should watch what I say-what the hell I'm spending next winter in "God's waiting room" so who cares.

Glad everything went well.
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Nice, Ric, now you'll be able to come climbing in Houston!

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