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Rock Ski Surprise.

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So this past weekend I took my old 181CM K2 MODs out to play. They are supposed to be my rock skis, but I haven't been on the MODs in 3 years while they just cluttered up my closet. The reason I hadn't touched them in years is because they have no value (to sell) and I absolutely hated them after first trying a German carving ski.

These are the 1999-2000 vintage with a big hump back ridge running down the length of the ski and the blinking light up front. It can hypnotize you if your not careful. Conditions this weekend were grass, mud, firm setup icy slush and sun softened slush. Quite a few limitations so many had some interesting lines did develop. Sunday was bluebird and beatifully soft.

3 years ago, I was a horrible bump skier, total hack. I haven't arrived yet in the bumps, but I'm getting there. I am now at the point where I can appreciate softer ski that is good at bumps and not much else.

Sunday I spent a while maybe 2 hours or so just doing laps in the bumps on Stowe and Goosebumps. All I can say is these MODs slay spring conditions pretty hard which was a surprise because all I could remember was how much I hated them. These MODs are certainly my best ski for bumps and worked great in the tight lines on both Saturday's icy bumps and Sunday's soft slushy bumps. IMO being torsionally soft helps to prevent hard edge sets which are not really desired in moguls. And the more relaxed tip-tail flex also helped smooth out the transitions where I was cutting across a trough.
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sounds like maybe you've become a better skier in the last 3 years too!
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Better skier makes better skis. If you look at bumpski threads you will see that the Mod, Mod X, Axis X are thought of as good bump skis.
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Originally Posted by tekweezle View Post
sounds like maybe you've become a better skier in the last 3 years too!
Yea exactly. It just goes to show that going back and trying a different ski a couple years later in a different set of conditions can really change a person's opinion.
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