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Foot pain w/ new boots

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Alright, I just recently bought some new boots, bla bla they fit perfect, right size, good flex, bla bla, but I have a problem with them. On my right foot (only the right foot) I am getting a ton of pain on the top of my foot (or you can refer to the diagram on http://www.foottalk.com/anatomy.htm , and the area where the pain is is the 'tibialis anterior muscle'). I also have a slight 'bump' on top of this area (not sure if it's temporary and caused by the boots or if it's always been there, never really payed too much attention).

Anyway, any ideas to relieve pressure on this area without affecting the boot's hold on the foot? It is really killing me (after the adrenaline from skiing runs out). Again, only on the right foot. Left foot has no pain, boot is perfect, bla bla bla.
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SCSA's buddy HH told me to bake the shell of the boot at 350 degrees and boil the liner. Maybe it was just the reverse. I don't know. That is when I realized how very glad I was that I kept my distance from those folks.

A reputable boot fitter should be able to eliminate the pain. Last resort buy an aftermarket liner. I like foam conformable liners. Do you have a footbed? Get one if you do not.
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Hi Mike B

If the pain is in the front of the boot, (bottom of the shin/ankle)check to make sure you don't have wrinkles in your socks. Also check to see that the boot toungue is pulled up when you buckle down. The other thing to check is if the toungue is plastic on one side and if the toungue is deformed which often happens when they are shipped with the buckles clamped down. If the toungue is deformed, heat them up lightly with a hair drier and massage the plastic to a nice smooth round shape. Be careful not to boil the toungue/liner. just enough heat to soften the plastic a little and use your fingers to massage it flater..

If this doesn't help, a fitter can remove just the spot above your "bump" if it's a boney spot. or even put a "donut" pad in to pad around the bump. Get yourself to the fitter and check it out.

Good luck..
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Rusty - maybe in a year or two when I have the money I'll get some foam injection liners, or maybe someone will sponser me and give me some...

DChan - I'll check over the liners and try some of those things tomorrow (or even tonight, if I can't get to sleep) and I'll definitely pay the bootfitters a visit. Hopefully all will work out, but those sound like good starting places.
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