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Originally Posted by Sugar
Wow I can't believe this post is still going on......

This is a quote from this tread. Dated December31st 2001

And I can't belive this post is still going on.

I guess now that the ski season is in full swing, old wounds get re-opened?
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I dunno about this.

I got slammed this weekend by a snowboarder, he came out of nowhere and clipped my legs out from under me, slammed my head into the hard pack. Hurt my neck real good.

He was profusely apologetic about it, nice kid after all, it could have heppened to anyone.

Two weeks ago a really good skier wasn't watching where he was going and clipped my 8 year old daughter, lost control and spun into me, that fooker was all full of excuses blaming the crowd, other people, you name it. I watched the whole thing and he wasn't watching where he was going at all, he was chatting up the hottie he was skiing with, who was behind him.

Out of the two I was more upset with the skier. He was reckless in a busy area, the other snowboarder was still learning but he lost control, and he was cool about it.

It is all part of the experience and the experience can be dangerous, if you are in a skeirs only mountain, I am sure you can run into shite, same with boarders only mountain.
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Originally Posted by Vt Skier
Todd - the question wasn't are resorts allowed to ban snowboarders (of course they are if they own the land), it's should they...

Anyways, I'd say no they shouldn't ban them- I mean there are just as many gaper skiers out there who screw the mountain up, so why would you not allow snowboarders? I know tons of snowboarders who rip more than 95% of the skiers on a hill. This weekend it hit me... most of the people who suck on the hill are skiers (usually in over their heads). Plus the whole snowboarder attitude thing is blown way out of proportion. My $.02
I know a lot mor skiers who rip more than 98% of boarders, most people who suck are boarders by MILES !
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Originally Posted by Vt Skier
Who said I was trying to get anyone to see my way? More than most people I'm willing to embrace a multitude of viewpoints. I was just pointing out the stupidity of over generalizing an entire winter sub-culture. Look at the quality of arguments above ... you would get the impression snowboarders are all angry young men intent on destroying the precious powder snow that belongs to the high and mighty skier while at the same time flipping off your mother.
Did you say generalise ?

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Originally Posted by altagirl
At Alta the primary issue is that 99% of the good terrain requires sidestepping or long, difficult traverses to get to. Bootpacking ruins the traverses for everyone else. The traverses there are already a madhouse with skiers of different abilities passing one another going at different speeds - add in snowboarders who would be stuck and it would be a full-on war. Unless you've got a solution for how you're going to traverse uphill on a snowboard... It is just not practical terrain for snowboarding, and the boarders I know who have skied Alta have said that they would not want to be on a board there.

Not to mention the fact that when I ride the lifts with tourists, and I ask how they are enjoying their vacation, the majority of them bring up that they either came to Alta because there are no snowboarders, or that the snow is better without boarders, or some such thing. Between the fact that most snowboarders would not want to ski Alta after they got over the novelty, and that a lot of their customer base would not return if they did allow boarders, it would be a bad business decision to change their policy.
Altagirl is right on point. If you have a business model and can make it work, go for it. Do they lose some family business (when Jr. boards and everyone else skis?) Yes. Do they gain business from folks that don't like the hassle of skiing around boarders. Yes. Anybody can come to Alta, you just have to have to be on the "right" equipment.

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I am a mad river skier. I am also a guy who plans trips out west every two years with lots of friends, many of which are snowboarders. Now do I ski Mad River because there are no Snowboarders? No I ski it cause it rips. We skied their yesterday and had pow in the woods all day long and had an amazing day. I am guessing lots of people skiing Vermont yesterday did not have amazing days since I heard many other places sucked. Mad River will never every let boarders on the slopes since the skiers own the mountain and anything requires a 2/3 vote to pass. Like Alta Mad River was one of the early mountains to let boarders on, but they burned their own bridges, if you want the whole story use the search engine on the site it has been explained.

As far as economically Mad River is one of the few mountains in Vermont to turn a profit year in and out, you dont believe me? Look it up. Our trip for next year will probably be Utah, and we will have some boarders with us so there will unfortunately be some awkward moments especially since I am definately skiing Alta......
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Heres an idea.

Perhaps what people need to do is take lessons and be judged / passed for varying degrees of terrain.

Hence to move from green to blue you must pass a simple capability test. Other wise NO. This is marked on your pass. If you are found to be sking BOARDING where you shouldnt then as a first resort down grade your ability pass back to green, then have a demerit point system.

The good thing about this is that the mountains can charge to test people (5 bucks ) or a season test, national card etc, and will make some money out if it (also could fine people).

This will apply to skiers (I HATE bad skiers on good runs almost as much as boarders ruining the runs and trail squatting).

Problem solved now lets get it inot practice. well call it the audas system.


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I could care less about the money making aspects of the issue and actually I feel that neither Alta or Deer Valley are taking money into consideration. Stein Erickson is an old school true blue skier who will never allow boarders there. After he dies..it might happen when the corp people take over precisely because they can make more money that way. Just like they did down the hill at Park City. Same with Alta..there is a certain ski tradition at Alta. I'm glad they don't want to break it. I never get to go to Alta enough because unfortunately I do have a few regular ski friends that board and never ski. So I'm lucky to get one day a year at Alta..which sucks because every time I'm there I am just in a dream land...not only because of the near perfect terrain and snow, but because the shape of moguls is better (though that has been changing with more mediocre skiers going on steeper runs with shorter skiis). I just find that the snow sculpts in a way that is more fun to ski on...when there are no boarders. Also, boarders tend to cross cut up a powderfield or area in the trees into useless junk...in a matter of minutes. Nah...Alta keeps boarders out for one reason only.....they are being true to old school thinking. The minute the businessmen take over, they will allow boarders and ruin that place too.
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Originally Posted by Exit 154
Deer Valley
Perfect North (Indiana)
Mad River Glen

Hmmn, I've heard that all of these areas suck, but if you were going to try to fight the ban, I think Perfect North would be the place to start! The others aren't worth the effort.
You've heard wrong.
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I have no problem with snowboarders. They generally don't want to be where I want to be anyway. I don't enjoy pow days with boarders but they aren't usually up early enough to bother me. Alta and Deer Valley do seem to be "happier" places without boarders.

I had a boarder ride right over my tails the other day... he just looked at me and rode off. A**h*** no matter what he was riding. I have lots of buddy's that board and I have done a patch of it myself. Nothing wrong with boarding... however it does seem to draw a certain attitude with certain people at times.

After being a surfboard shaper for 12 years I could make some of the same comparisons between surfboards and boogieboards but we won't go there.

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Originally Posted by SkiStarr90
You've heard wrong.
Hey, SkiStarr, I think you need to check your irony meter... it appears to be broken...
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