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Whistler trip

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Hey, there's temporary internet access here. Expect a "sake magarita night" post from Lisamarie anytime now. Yes, just back from Sushi Village. Probably a deciding factor in why they got the 2010 bid.

We got in yesterday afternoon, after a pleasant day in Vancouver while waiting for my skis to take alternate transportation. Yep, same skis that didn't make it to SLC for the beginning of the Academy also didn't make it to YVR. This time it's the TSA in Boston/Logan to blame, not Amtrak. I feel so much safer knowing that the TSA woman busy talking on her cellphone at the United/Star Alliance oversize bag inspection dropoff gave my IM75's all the attention they deserved. Luckily Air Canada did get them out on a later flight and delivered them to our Vancouver hotel.

Spring skiing at Whistler today! Sunny, had to be at least 15C, mushy-slushy down low. We were on the Whistler side and took it easy for most of the day, to get our ski-legs back. 6 long weeks since the last skiing, the weekend after the Academy.

Guess some stuff stuck though. Even in the mashed-potatoes, I was thinking "hey this run used to be harder". But it was pretty crowded. Last run of the day, we were just taking an easy way down to the midstation when we got overflown by a gaggle of classes and obvious never-took-a-lessoners both. So we decided to duck off to another run, Franz's. Which is often your basic Whistler blue, no big deal.

Luckily I asked LM which way to go and she picked it not me. Lucky because right after the last cutoff before commiting, it turned into a major bump run. Not quite volkswagen size, but 2/3 scale models. There was this big sign saying it would be the site of the 2010 Women's Downhill and Super-G. I'm looking at it and thinking "looks more like what Shannon Barkhe would be doing than Janica".

Now to my amazement, I looked more at that run and it looked totally skiable, not just survivable. I said to myself, "cool, I'm goin' sniffin'" for some bumps. Carolyn and Ydnar at the Academy got me out in some and though I'm not good in them yet, I finally got the concept - they're fun!

Of course my next thought was "Lisa's gonna kill me for taking her down this". But then I remembered - "wait, she picked it - I'm home free". No "my husband's an A-hole" complaints allowed! (well not for that reason at least!)

Not only was I ok on it, LM was all right too. And amazingly, on the couple of times she got "Stuck on a mogul and can't get out of it" - she got unstuck. I was talking her through it, helping pick lines, and reminding her "there's a free turn in every bump!" when I realized I was channeling Ydnar and Carolyn. Thanks!

So actually had a great day. We'll be probably heading towards more challenging stuff later in the week, but finding out that a "nice" bump run is a good end-of-day wind-down was a pleasant suprise!
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Thanks to Ydnar, and thanks to Mark's remembering stuff from Ydnar, I now understand the secret of skiing on this wet sugar. Patience!

Oh and a bump run trick.. Ya know that silly, addictive animation thread in random humor? Ok, going down the run..badger badger badger badger{you hit a bump} MUSHROOM MUSHROOM...
You laugh! It works! Its the rhythm, silly.
Man those saki margaritas are stronger than cosmos.
Have a feeling I'm going to regret this post in the morning!
Hugs and kisses

[ March 08, 2004, 11:50 PM: Message edited by: Lisamarie ]
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Another wonderful Whistler story! WB has a reputation as having long and forbidding terrain for many, yet I hear few stories of frustration. As as matter of fact, mostly I hear from people they found they COULD do it, to their amazement. And then they went back for more, before returning to their home hill and blowing their buds away.
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Glad your skis caught up to you, Mark! And that the bumps were fun. (Spring snow definitely makes for "hero bump" runs. Yay!)

Sip another saki margarita for me, Lisa. Mmmm.

Madly envious....
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Nice weather we're having this week, huh? If you want to meet for a brew, leave a PM.
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Day 2: I can't believe I skied the WHOLE thing! ...
And I should know better!
Spent the day playing around the Harmony Chair. At the end of the day, I ended up starting at Little Whistler Peak and skiing all the way down to Whistler Village. Most people download on the gondola at midway, because the snow leading down to the village is ridiculously wet. But I was in the zone, so I kept going. It was not quite as bad as the previous times that I did this dumb thing. I must be getting a little bit more proficient at "Sugar Skiing." The thing about Whistler, is even under not great conditions, you are still at Whistler, and ultimately, its all good.

We have skied bump runs on Blackcomb. The difference is at Whistler, at least on Franz's the runs are narrower. You can't turn gaper in the middle of a run, because you will be blocking someone's line! [img]smile.gif[/img]

BTW, JR, even with my dismay at all the high rises going up in Vancouver, one walk down Barclay Street, and I realize how much I still love that town!
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Day 3: Lisamarie does Blackcomb Glacier - and in a Pink One-Piece! Pictures soon [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Too bad you weren't there a day earlier. They got a nice dump on March 7th. It was only a 2 hour window though. Warmed up and got really interesting during the afternoon. Never experienced snow that was not icey but yet was as hard as ice. Felt almost like I was skiing on wind blown with crust underneath. High winds closed Peak and 7th Heaven though. March 5th ended up being the best day for us. Not crowded and the snow was good with the sun coming out in the afternoon.
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Beauty of a day on 7th Heaven today - LM and I were having lots fun in the nice soft bumps. Wicked sunny - I'm getting lobster-face.

We ran into DataDad on the download gondola - he noticed my EpicSki Academy vest. See, we're everywhere!
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Originally posted by MarkXS:
We ran into DataDad on the download gondola - he noticed my EpicSki Academy vest. See, we're everywhere!
You meet the darndest people on the gondola!

After my last run of the day (leg muscles were starting to complain) I took the Excalibur gondola back down to planet Earth and noticed a fellow sitting across from me with an EpicSki logo on his vest... It turned out to be no other than EpicSki's own MarkXS and, sitting right next to him, LisaMarie!

Wow, I never imagined meeting up with any of the Bears on this trip.
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Just got back home.
We spent Saturday skiing the trails off Jersey Cream and 7th Heaven, as well as Horstman's Glacier.
Suggestion: If you are spending a whole week at Whisler, the 7th Heaven chair is a bit crowded on Sat. It was fine on the weekdays. For Intermediates, if you want to ski an "ego black" on Blackcomb, check out The Bite!

Even with less than perfect conditions, Whistler is a fun place to ski. I love, love, love the long, continuous Vertical. My legs feel awesome!
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